Your Personal Online Makeup Artist

Hey, hey! I finally programmed the video makeup tutorial recommender system I was telling you about. It is an online application that recommends you makeup tutorials upon your facial features. Check it out on the link below:


I didn’t have enough makeup tutorials to fill it up with content so I started embedding makeup tutorials of other makeup artists as for example Monika Blunder, Lisa Eldridge, etc. When I collected 500 makeup tutorials from other artists I realized that there are not many on Youtube that would show mature women how to do their makeup. Well, I am talking about women in their 40’s or 50’s. There is loads of content for over 60 year olds, but finding a good makeup tutorial when you’re 40 is almost impossible!

That’s why I decided to focus on 40 year old women instead and I actually feel terrible that I didn’t do it before. Now I finally understand that this is the population that likes what I am doin the most. I also see that older women appreciate my idea of makeup far more than the younger generation.

Younger generation doesn’t actually care about makeup. They care about watching their peers and feel bad about themselves, because they are not that beautiful as the Youtubers they are watching. Talking about peer pressure. It is interesting how younger girls are wired to be depressed and anxious!? Or is this parent’s fault?

For all of you who understand that beauty comes from within, here is my website:

Oh…And don’t forget to check my latest invention. I came up with a new theme of makeup tutorials where I do the same makeup on mom and her daughter. I think mom and daughter makeup tutorials will spread some love around the world because people will be able to see what is time and what really matters. I know, I know it sound very philosophical, but it is true! I hope that the younger generation will be able to understand that the Instagram makeup is not for everyone and that in a matter of a couple of years they won’t be able to wear it anyways.