Your Personal Online Makeup Artist

Hey, hey! I finally programmed the video makeup tutorial recommender system I was telling you about. It is an online application that recommends you makeup tutorials upon your facial features. Check it out on the link below:


I didn’t have enough makeup tutorials to fill it up with content so I started embedding makeup tutorials of other makeup artists as for example Monika Blunder, Lisa Eldridge, etc.

When I collected 500 makeup tutorials from other artists I realized that there are not many on Youtube that would show mature women how to do their makeup. Well, I am talking about women in their 40’s or 50’s. There is loads of content for over 60 year olds, but finding a good makeup tutorial when you’re 40 is almost impossible!

That’s why I decided to focus on 25+ year old women instead and I actually feel terrible that I haven’t before. I tried to nail the DO’s and DON’Ts game on YouTube instead of sticking to what I know best. I also noticed that older women appreciate my idea of makeup far more than the younger generation. Sometimes I feel like that the youngsters are more into watching their peers than a 33 year old guy wearing a beard. But I’ll stop dreaming I were a pretty girl and rather start doing something useful. 😉

For all of you who understand that beauty comes from within, here is my website:

It is still in beta testing and not working properly, but it would mean a world if you fill in the details and open your profile. I would like to raise funds for the facial recognition development and having a lot of subscribers will definitely help.

Oh… And don’t forget to check my latest invention. I came up with a new theme of makeup tutorials where I do the same makeup on mom and her daughter. I think mom and daughter makeup tutorials will spread some love around the world because people will be able to see what is time and what really matters.

I know, I know it sound very philosophical, but it is true! I hope younger generation will soon understand that Instagram makeup is not for everyone and that in a matter of couple of years they won’t be able to wear it anyways.

I also welcome you to watch my first voiceover video! I love recording these and will continue doing so. 🙂

Now if you have the time, I would love to see some constructive criticism for the website I programmed. 🙂