Stage Makeup Tutorial for MATURE Flamenco Dancing Beginners

I promised you makeup tutorials for mature women therefore let’s begin with my mum. She started dancing Flamenco and loves it! She says it is good for her back and that her posture has never been better.

I decided to exaggerate her red lips so that my father would spot her on a distance while she will be performing for the first time on stage.

Because I knew it will be hot in the arena and she will be sweating, I applied an oil based BB cream which couldn’t wash off. The makeup actually staid on for a very long time.

Hope you like the look. Unfortunately we haven’t had enough time to record the products as I needed to catch my flight back to London, but you’ll find a photo of the products used beneath the video.

Here are the products used:

  1. Hydreane BB Creme in medium by La Roche-Posay
  2. YSL pressed powder in shade no.2
  3. MAC Brick lip pencil
  4. YSL Rouge pur Couture lipstick in no.1
  5. ZOEVA Cocoa blend eyeshadow palette
  6. Kryolan eyebrow sculpting palette
  7. KANEBO eyeliner in black

Click on the image to enlarge the photo.

Makeup for mature women
Makeup for mature women




Makeup Tips & Tricks for MATURE SKIN – How to apply PURPLE MAKEUP on OLDER WOMEN


My mum is the best model ever!!! She is so talkative and she knows sooooooooo muuuuccccchhhh! It is a delight listening to her, but this time it will be me who will do all the talking.

I really need to record a makeup tutorial where I will copy one of the caked up makeup looks “beauty gurus” on YouTube do on themselves, on my mum. I bet she will look like a wedding cake!!!

One actually needs to have perfect skin and face features in order to pull of most of the makeup looks we find on YouTube.

I would love to do far more looks for mature women, but I have two limitations. First is that I am in London and I don’t know any woman older than 40, second, if I start doing makeup tutorials on older women, I will loose the younger population on my channel which is sharing my videos far more often than the older population. Older women see it, think it is great and move on, whereas younger girls lots of times share it with their friends.

But hey, this doesn’t mean I won’t do it. I will try to make a balance for both, younger and older women. I am actually thinking to return to my country, build a nice makeup studio for video recording and take it from there. If everything goes by the plan and I make enough money from Youtube, I’ll build the best makeup channel ever! Back in my country I know a lot of mature women, after all, I can do makeup on my mum’s friends. They absolutely adore it!!!

Don’t think I am greedy, I just want to make YouTube my main job so I will be able to put thousands of cool ideas into action. At the moment I don’t even see my friends. If I am not at work, I am editing videos, recording new tutorials, writing scripts, updating my social media, etc. I actually have two jobs. Lol!

Therefore… Please share my makeup tutorials and I promise you incredible videos in the near future!