Can INDIAN GIRLS with olive skin tone wear GREEN EYESHADOW?

I hardly see anyone using green eyeshadow. I actually can’t remember when was the last time I saw a girl wearing it. It was very popular back in the days, but the shade they used in 80’s is not my cup of tea.

That’s why I decided to do a makeup tutorial which will encourage you to be more daring. My model Navira is British but of an Indian origin. Her olive skin tone was perfect for my experiment. I had a bit of a challenge as she was wearing a green top. Nevertheless, I wanted to pull it off without making her look like she would be interviewed on national television.

Green, yellow and orange are really good friends. Especially in nature you see them hanging together a lot. You might think that green is not the most natural color for your eyeshadow, but it turns out to be quite discrete. I made her eyes  appear more almond shaped by drawing a gradient of orange eyeshadow.

You might have noticed how I changed my mind, because the first green eyeshadow I used wasn’t a perfect match for Navira’s dark deep set eyes. I needed something that would pop and therefore went for a shimmery green eyeshadow.

Navira’s skin was very dehydrated. I should teach you more about skincare, because her condition could be easily prevented with the right skincare. I thought I will make a flawless complexion by using TOP SHOP’s color correcting primer, but instead, it ruined my makeup. It was too bright and it bounced light in a strange way which resulted in oily looking skin, even though it was dry.

Here is the photo of the products I used. If you have a closer look, you will be able to read the numbers on the brushes. Hope you like this kind of a makeup concept, because it takes a long time to produce. I really wonder if it makes a big difference to you in regards to learning about makeup application.Makeup Products for Olive Indian Skin