Your Personal Online Makeup Artist

Hey, hey! I finally programmed the video makeup tutorial recommender system I was telling you about. It is an online application that recommends you makeup tutorials upon your facial features. Check it out on the link below:


I didn’t have enough makeup tutorials to fill it up with content so I started embedding makeup tutorials of other makeup artists as for example Monika Blunder, Lisa Eldridge, etc.

When I collected 500 makeup tutorials from other artists I realized that there are not many on Youtube that would show mature women how to do their makeup. Well, I am talking about women in their 40’s or 50’s. There is loads of content for over 60 year olds, but finding a good makeup tutorial when you’re 40 is almost impossible!

That’s why I decided to focus on 25+ year old women instead and I actually feel terrible that I haven’t before. I tried to nail the DO’s and DON’Ts game on YouTube instead of sticking to what I know best. I also noticed that older women appreciate my idea of makeup far more than the younger generation. Sometimes I feel like that the youngsters are more into watching their peers than a 33 year old guy wearing a beard. But I’ll stop dreaming I were a pretty girl and rather start doing something useful. 😉

For all of you who understand that beauty comes from within, here is my website:

It is still in beta testing and not working properly, but it would mean a world if you fill in the details and open your profile. I would like to raise funds for the facial recognition development and having a lot of subscribers will definitely help.

Oh… And don’t forget to check my latest invention. I came up with a new theme of makeup tutorials where I do the same makeup on mom and her daughter. I think mom and daughter makeup tutorials will spread some love around the world because people will be able to see what is time and what really matters.

I know, I know it sound very philosophical, but it is true! I hope younger generation will soon understand that Instagram makeup is not for everyone and that in a matter of couple of years they won’t be able to wear it anyways.

I also welcome you to watch my first voiceover video! I love recording these and will continue doing so. 🙂

Now if you have the time, I would love to see some constructive criticism for the website I programmed. 🙂


Really HOODED EYES makeup tutorial – 40’s makeup look


YouTube is full of hooded eyes makeup tutorials where girls are getting millions of views. I find it interesting, because I haven’t found even one hooded eyes makeup tutorial where the girl’s eyelid would actually be hooded. So how the hell can they have so many fans if they are lying about their characteristics? And why do people even believe them, don’t they know how  hooded eyes looks like? Or do they just believe them because they are beautiful? There was actually a big research proving that people trust beautiful people far more.

This is not the best makeup tutorial I did, because it was recorded with an old camera and those days I didn’t have much production knowledge. But I wanted you to see it, because what I say in the video makes a lot of sense. Pay attention to the idea of how to make your eyes less hooded. I am joking a bit, but it’s true. Optical illusions totally work!!!

And don’t worry about having hooded eyes.

There comes the day when everyone’s eyes become hooded!

Until we meet again…

Don’t be fools, don’t follow makeup rules!


The Best Makeup Tutorial Ever – The First Interactive Makeup Tutorial for HOODED EYES

I find it ridiculous how little girls cake up sh** loads of makeup and call it an everyday look. I find it even more hilarious how there are millions of girls watching their stupid 3D shape brow techniques and how to contour your face so you look like a drag queen.

There are so many girls who look like clowns when they hit the streets. Thanks to Youtube the world finally became a theater!

If you write in search THE BEST MAKEUP TUTORIAL EVER there will be a couple of tutorials that pop up, none of them containing any relevant information about makeup.

Most of the girls do makeup tutorials to be admired. They think they are admired for their skills and personality whereas in fact they are admired just for their beauty. That’s why you see so many channels named by people instead of imaginary names which would suggest that the content tries to help people.

It is not hard to make a beautiful woman even more beautiful with makeup. You can actually do a lot of mistakes that other faces wouldn’t take and she will still look pretty. Trust me, I did a makeup video with really bad makeup on a stunning girl and everyone was like… OMG!!?? She is beauuutttiiifffuuulll!!! Lol!

Beauty bloggers like Em Ford are pointing out how social media is building unrealistic expectations whereas in fact they are the ones who make them by using perfect lighting, production tricks and the right makeup for the camera.

Women say they are exposed to beauty like never before, how there is a big pressure on them to look beautiful…


They are the ones who choose to put pressure on themselves by following gorgeous girls on Youtube wishing they would look like them.

Grow up and start living your life instead of fantasizing about illusionably fabulous lives of others.

For all of you who really want to learn about makeup and not just admire the beauty of some dumb chick, here is my makeup tutorial.

Wondering how to apply EYELINER on Hooded, Droopy, Round and Downturned eyes?

My lovely sister Maja has very downturned, droopy eyes which are as well hooded and round. It is not easy to apply eyeliner on such eyes and if you don’t know why the line doesn’t look good on you, things can get really frustrating.

It is not your makeup skills as many might think. The challenge is in your eye shape which is not the best to pull off the cat eye flick.

Now don’t start crying like a baby wishing your eyes would be different, because there might be a solution for you.

Check the video to see what I mean…



So this is how you can be all pimped up for the party. I still don’t think this is the best look for your eye shape. But hey… Whatever floats your boats!!! Don’t forget that in the end it is just makeup.

For all of you who don’t want to struggle with the eyeliner I made a second video. This is part two of the makeup tutorial you have just seen, where I will explain how to visually lift downturned and hooded eyes with a black eye pencil and a dark eyeshadow.

Sit back, relax and wipe your tears, because here is the best makeup trick for your droopy eye shape.