SMURFAID – Freaky Smurfette Mermaid Halloween makeup tutorial for gingers and girls with red hair

This year I wanted to express myself more artistically. Most of you know me as a makeup artist who loves technical aspects of makeup, but I am also very creative. The thing is that I have a bit different taste to what you see on Youtube. I don’t like body painting and I don’t like special FX makeup, so this is what you get with me, a DEAD mermaid.

I am a bit disappointed, because whenever I express myself artistically on Youtube, I don’t get a satisfying feedback. It is really strange, because my professional work usually gets amazing response in the fashion industry. This is why I came to the conclusion that girls on Youtube just want to see amazing transformations. They don’t  care about techniques and ideas they could actually use on their faces. Are Youtube makeup tutorials more for entertainment than learning!?

I came up with this Halloween look by thinking of a Dead Smurfette and staring at Giselle’s orange hair. Bbbbbaaaaaaaaaammmmmmm! Here she was!!! A dead SMURFAID! A mixture of a SMURF and a MERMAID.

This Halloween makeup look will especially suit gingers and girls with red hair. If your hair is brown or black, use white color as a base and if your hair is blonde, use baby pink.

If you go on a Halloween party dressed up as a Smurfaid or Dead Madonna which I did in another makeup tutorial, please send me photos on email or just hashtag them…



Live MAKEUP LESSON plus Q&A with AdviseMyStyle’s makeup artist Jure Chuk

I finally did it! AdviseMyStyle is celebrating THREE YEARS and we are going live!!! This will become a standard, so each first Sunday in a month, you can join me for a live chat. Now that my channel is still small it will be easier to answer your questions about makeup.

CLICK HERE and set up a reminder for the live event in Youtube.

This is my first live session therefore your recommendations are more than welcome. Also, try to prepare the question you want to ask me.

I am really looking forward to meet you more in person, because you are the ones who built this community with me! We took it from zero to 13.000 and this is a big success considering that Youtube is flooded with “makeup” tutorials.

Let’s go to the moon and back!

Kisses from London, Jure.

Why girls don’t want to be UGLY for Halloween?

Yes, yes, there are loads of Youtube makeup tutorials on how to look like half of your face is missing and indeed they are getting millions of views, but when you go out for Halloween, you hardly see any girl dressed up as a proper zombie.

Halloween parties usually look like Playboy contests or Pornstar Festivals where most of the girls look like sluts with half of their asses out.

Or is it just me who thinks so?

The best parties I’ve ever been to are Holloween parties, because people go totally mental! The feeling that no one knows who you are brings out the devil. You wouldn’t believe stuff I’ve seen for Halloween!!!???

Sex, drugs and Rock’n’Roll! This is why London, NewYork and Berlin are the best Party cities in the world. They give you anonymity and just the feeling of it, brings out the worst in us!

But let’s get back to girls who want to be sexy. I asked two female friends of mine what will they be for Halloween and they said: “Sluts!” I was like… Girls… You two ARE sluts, you don’t need to pretend. Bring out Champagne, because girls want to have sex for Halloween and don’t forget about the condoms!!! Lol!

For all of you who don’t spread them that easily, here is the best contraception advice ever!!! Be ugly!!! Be freaking ugly for Halloween and no guy will even want to talk to you!

For everyone who would like to be somewhere in between, here is my Dead Marilyn Monroe makeup tutorial which ended up looking more like Madonna!? Let me know in the comments below if you notice what I totally forgot about in the video.

Makeup theory behind Contouring Cheeks and Heart shaped face

I realized that women find the makeup theory  quite boring. But in order to contour your cheeks and face well, it is essential to know the basics. This is an old video of mine where I didn’t know much about how to engage the viewer, but if you are patient and listen closely, you will learn quite a few very important things about contouring cheeks on a heart shaped face.

I stressed it out so many times! Women look amazing on photos and on camera when they cake up shit loads of makeup on their faces, whereas in real life they look scary. I really hope one day this craziness will be over, because women started hiding their faces behind the masks. Less and less people are satisfied about how they look and want to change their appearance.

Why is no one talking about contouring and highlighting your heart!? How to make your heart nicer? This actually means that we need to forget about contouring and rather focus on highlighting.

You are beautiful just the way you are, so today I want you to

highlight your heart…

Easy and fun DEAD UNICORN makeup tutorial for Halloween

I didn’t know much about Unicorns until I accidentally killed one. Youtube is full of amazing face painting and special effects makeup tutorials for Halloween, but not all of us are amazing painters. Recreating the looks we see is not easy at all. Halloween makeup tutorials usually require loads of products and they don’t suit most of the faces. Women in general have hooded eyes so the looks end up weird and far from what we expected.

This is why I am trying to come up with Halloween makeup looks that would be easy and fun to recreate and wouldn’t need incredible makeup skills. The main investment is Kryolan’s Color Circle which costs 10 pounds and will last you for ages! You can use it each year and I will make sure I do more looks using the same Color Circle throughout the next years.

I like more fashionable stuff, but this time I collaborated with Maggy Woodley who made an awesome Unicorn horn. Most of the young girls are fascinated by incredible transformations they see on Youtube, but once again, who has the time and knowledge to recreate them. I don’t have nor time, nor money to do a one time Halloween costume. This is why I think Maggy who runs the Youtube channel Red Ted Art did an amazing job! Wouldn’t it be fun if you and your friends would all be Dead Unicorns for Halloween? It is cheap, original and efficient so check her paper craft tutorial.

I find it interesting why this video’s watch time declines as soon as people see the look and would really like your opinion on it.

For all of you who decide to be Dead Unicorns for the Halloween, I would love to have your photos, so please send them to me and post them on your social media with the


How to CONTOUR a wide forehead

I hate it when my videos get so many dislikes just because women expect incredible transformations. Kaja has a wide forehead and this is how she still looks normal.

Here are a couple of words by one of my favorite makeup artists Roshar…

Funny how little girls think they are makeup artists because they apply makeup on themselves or they know how to draw!? Look at Roshar’s work in the video above. It doesn’t have much in common with drawing.

Being good in drawing doesn’t necessarily make you good with makeup. You can be an amazing painter, but you are still far from being a makeup artist. We can draw on everything we touch. I can draw a little bunny on the tip of the spoon or on the lips of a girl. Does changing the surface where I draw make me a makeup artist? No!

This is why Youtube became full of crazy contouring and highlighting and 3D shaped eyebrows. There are many people who are average in drawing and by using the face as a canvas, they are admired by the public.

I say let them stick to the paper, otherwise the streets will become galleries of average paintings.

Don’t be fools, don’t follow makeup rules!

Cheers, Jure.

Really HOODED EYES makeup tutorial – 40’s makeup look


YouTube is full of hooded eyes makeup tutorials where girls are getting millions of views. I find it interesting, because I haven’t found even one hooded eyes makeup tutorial where the girl’s eyelid would actually be hooded. So how the hell can they have so many fans if they are lying about their characteristics? And why do people even believe them, don’t they know how  hooded eyes looks like? Or do they just believe them because they are beautiful? There was actually a big research proving that people trust beautiful people far more.

This is not the best makeup tutorial I did, because it was recorded with an old camera and those days I didn’t have much production knowledge. But I wanted you to see it, because what I say in the video makes a lot of sense. Pay attention to the idea of how to make your eyes less hooded. I am joking a bit, but it’s true. Optical illusions totally work!!!

And don’t worry about having hooded eyes.

There comes the day when everyone’s eyes become hooded!

Until we meet again…

Don’t be fools, don’t follow makeup rules!


Funny Interview with JULIA ALJAZ on How to be a GOOD FEMALE SINGER plus her Smokey Eye Makeup Look

This is the smokey eye makeup tutorial I recorded just before going to work where Julia explains how to produce an incredible voice. I had an our and a half to make it therefore it didn’t go totally as planned. But Julia is such a calm person full of positive vibes and her crew is absolutely incredible, so here you have some cool behind the scene shots.

Being a full time Youtuber with a permanent job can sometimes be hectic. To be honest I am usually so tired that I drop dead when I come home and I hardly wake up in the morning.

Yes, it is fun, yes, it is interesting, but for all of you who have permanent jobs and are dreaming of having millions of subscribers, let me tell you one thing.

It is not that easy as it seems!!!

The reason being is that Youtube is flooded with youngsters which are fanatic about watching their peers so that good content with educational value isn’t pushed forward by the Youtube’s algorithm. Especially now that Youtube rewards watch time.

I did so many makeup tutorials with brilliant ideas and great production value which mature women love to watch, but since the average view duration is on 38% due to the attention span of the younger generation, my videos are not shown even to my subscribers.

I find it so freaking annoying because women love my makeup tutorials and they support me so nicely, but since Youtube rewards the young generation’s fanaticism, my views are getting lower and lower.

When will this generation of little robots realize that life is not all about ponies and rainbows, pranks and boyfriend tags, about artificial beauty and five minutes of fame?

How come can someone who plays video games have 30 million subscribers, wheres the main educational institution TED Talks hardly made it to 4 million!?

Are we living in the world of emotional retards?

How to make yourself LOOK OLDER with MAKEUP


It must be hectic when you are 18 and people think you are 13. They are telling you that when you will be 40 you will wish to look younger. Screw them! You are in love with a guy in school who you would love to hang out with, but he calls you the Little Baby Face.

I made this makeup tutorial because I wanted to show you how you can make yourself look older. Everything comes down to dark colors and harsh lines. Faces usually look young when their features are curved. Curved lines are soft and therefore they are perceived as cute.

Because makeup is just a paint on your face you can draw the lines more straight. This means that you make your eyebrows sharper, your lips more angled and your smokey eyes not so blended. Try to experiment with your looks and tell me if you encounter any challenges.

Also…Keep in mind that slutty clothes won’t make you look older. Older women look classy and classy doesn’t mean mini skirts with half naked cleavage.

Whatever you do, don’t let your situation affect your mindset. Yes, you look too young and that sucks, but some things in life you just can’t change instantly. This is why I came up with a brilliant idea!

I know a lot of girls and a couple of times I was shocked when a girl told me she is 16. I am a makeup artist and I am very good in guessing peoples’ age by counting their “wrinkles”, but these girls tricked me with their behavior.

What they all have in common is their intellect. Their knowledge of life and their way of expressing themselves makes them appear more mature.

When I was 25 I took a beautiful model who was 16 on a public function. She was talking to directors of big enterprises and even the prime minister of our country. She had such grace to her that she looked like a PR fairy while she was mingling with the cream de la creme. She had the cutest baby face I have ever seen, but no one that night thought she is under-aged. The director of General Electrics even came to me and said what a wonderful girl I brought with me and that it was his pleasure talking to her.

You see! Maybe the best idea in order for you to look older is to…

Read more books!!!

Don’t be fools, don’t follow makeup rules and I shall see you soon.

Kisses from London, Jure.