Can INDIAN GIRLS with olive skin tone wear GREEN EYESHADOW?

I hardly see anyone using green eyeshadow. I actually can’t remember when was the last time I saw a girl wearing it. It was very popular back in the days, but the shade they used in 80’s is not my cup of tea.

That’s why I decided to do a makeup tutorial which will encourage you to be more daring. My model Navira is British but of an Indian origin. Her olive skin tone was perfect for my experiment. I had a bit of a challenge as she was wearing a green top. Nevertheless, I wanted to pull it off without making her look like she would be interviewed on national television.

Green, yellow and orange are really good friends. Especially in nature you see them hanging together a lot. You might think that green is not the most natural color for your eyeshadow, but it turns out to be quite discrete. I made her eyes  appear more almond shaped by drawing a gradient of orange eyeshadow.

You might have noticed how I changed my mind, because the first green eyeshadow I used wasn’t a perfect match for Navira’s dark deep set eyes. I needed something that would pop and therefore went for a shimmery green eyeshadow.

Navira’s skin was very dehydrated. I should teach you more about skincare, because her condition could be easily prevented with the right skincare. I thought I will make a flawless complexion by using TOP SHOP’s color correcting primer, but instead, it ruined my makeup. It was too bright and it bounced light in a strange way which resulted in oily looking skin, even though it was dry.

Here is the photo of the products I used. If you have a closer look, you will be able to read the numbers on the brushes. Hope you like this kind of a makeup concept, because it takes a long time to produce. I really wonder if it makes a big difference to you in regards to learning about makeup application.Makeup Products for Olive Indian Skin


ORANGE Eyeshadow for Downturned DEEP SET EYES and Ombre Eyebrows

Have you ever tried orange eyeshadow? It is awesome!!! It makes deep set eyes pop. Your face will look fresh and bubbly and the best part is that orange takes the blue undertone out of your eyelids.

This means that your eyes will shine with vividness. Using orange eyeshadows is awesome especially when you feel like you’ve been hit by a truck or ran over by an elephant.

My model Denitsa has deep set eyes that are downturned on the outer edges. This is why I used the dark pencil in a way that is not very common when applying makeup on deep set eyes. Girls with such eye shape usually apply dark eyeshadow on the brow bone and in the crease, which makes the look very heavy.

In this makeup tutorial I used darker kohl pencil to elongate the eyes which made them look less downturned. To spice it up, I applied a pink mascara which by itself would look strange, but creating an ombre effect on the eyelashes with a darker mascara, completed the look in a very interesting way.

I was thinking how would I feel if I would see a girl wearing ombre orange eyebrows on the street and I actually think I would like it. As long as they don’t look too Instagram, I am fine with such technique.

Let this makeup tutorial be an inspiration for all of you who want to be different. This is for my Rebel Rock Chicks!!!

And here are the products used…

Pink Mascara with an Orange Eyeshadow and Ombre Eyebrows is the bomb
Ever wondered how to apply a pink mascara in a combination with an orange eyeshadow and orange ombre eyebrows?
  1. Ultrasun Face Sunscreen Moisturizer
  2. No Foundation Foundation in Medium by Perricone MD
  3. Black Kohl Pencil by L’Oreal
  4. YSL Touche Eclat Color Neutralizers in Green and Peach
  5. Laura Mercier Eyebrow pencils (I don’t like them!)
  6. Laura Mercier lip pencil in Chestnut
  7. ZOEVA Cocoa Blend Eyeshadow Palette
  8. Kiko Milano Pigment Loose Eyeshadow no.19
  9. YSL Pressed Powder no.2
  10. YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick no.3
  11. YSL Faux Cills Mascara in Pink and Radical Black
  12. YSL Bronzer no.3 (Discontinued)


Stage Makeup Tutorial for MATURE Flamenco Dancing Beginners

I promised you makeup tutorials for mature women therefore let’s begin with my mum. She started dancing Flamenco and loves it! She says it is good for her back and that her posture has never been better.

I decided to exaggerate her red lips so that my father would spot her on a distance while she will be performing for the first time on stage.

Because I knew it will be hot in the arena and she will be sweating, I applied an oil based BB cream which couldn’t wash off. The makeup actually staid on for a very long time.

Hope you like the look. Unfortunately we haven’t had enough time to record the products as I needed to catch my flight back to London, but you’ll find a photo of the products used beneath the video.

Here are the products used:

  1. Hydreane BB Creme in medium by La Roche-Posay
  2. YSL pressed powder in shade no.2
  3. MAC Brick lip pencil
  4. YSL Rouge pur Couture lipstick in no.1
  5. ZOEVA Cocoa blend eyeshadow palette
  6. Kryolan eyebrow sculpting palette
  7. KANEBO eyeliner in black

Click on the image to enlarge the photo.

Makeup for mature women
Makeup for mature women



How important is beauty on YOUTUBE and in the SOCIETY?

Here’s the thing! I am positive that if I were a beautiful woman I would already drive a pink Ferrari. The thought crossed my mind when I was chatting with a friend of mine quite some time ago. I was complaining how unfair it is as I am putting so much time and effort into something I badly want to succeed, whereas little girls with no remarkable skills swipe me of the Youtube arena with something that was given to them,


He was like: “I knoooowwww, bro!!! I love watching makeup tutorials!!!”

Funny right? He loves to watch girls talk about makeup. Not because he would be interested in what they say, but because of their cleavage and sexy moist lips.  He said the more boobs they show, the better and if the boobs bounce when the girl talks, he watches even more.

You might think what a voyeuristic pervert, but I guess this explains the statistics on my channel.

Percantage of male watching Youtube makeup videos by AdviseMyStyle
Percantage of male watching Youtube makeup videos by AdviseMyStyle

There I was complaining again(Lol! It sounds like I am constantly whining!?), this time to Juliette, three months ago, about the same annoying thing. Juliette is a gorgeous friend of mine who will soon be a model in my makeup tutorials. She said she doesn’t care about the makeup as much as she loves to watch hot girls she relates to. I get the same comment over and over again…

Why girls like watching other girls on Youtube

Why girls like watching other girls on Youtube Comment 2

Let me highlight the core points in the two comments above.

It’s like listening to a girlfriend talk to you and is just fun and relaxing.

They talk to viewers like their girlfriends. When they do tutorials, they also talk about their life, their boyfriend, things that make them happy and sad.

Hallo!? If this is the world my kids will live in, I don’t want to have kids! Why the hell don’t they get real friends with real makeup that daddy paid for? How come they even have time to watch such nonsense? Shouldn’t they be studying!? We need to talk to Juliette when she pops over! Lol!

I get it! The most important is how girls relate to other girls. Young girls just don’t want to watch an older guy like myself, talking about “boring” makeup facts. Maybe I should visit the gym more often, take my shirt off and attract the younger population? Now that’s one cool idea, isn’t it? I just hope I am pretty enough. Kidding…

To be honest, I like delivering to the older population. This is why I will soon start doing four makeup tutorials per month on 40+ year old models. The only problem is that this generation at the moment is not that significant. It might be in a couple of years, but at the moment, it doesn’t affect Youtube’s algorithm.

What concerns me is that the behavior of 40+ year olds’ is far from the fanaticism of the younger population and therefore won’t create trends like The Power of Makeup Tutorials or Room Tours if Youtube doesn’t change it’s algorithm which is currently based on watch time. That’s why Wayne Goss went mainstream if you noticed. To make a long story short, we need to attract the younger population while still keeping myself and my sexy mommas happy.

Because I don’t want to sell myself short and go mainstream, here’s what I came up with. I am not a sexy girl but I know how to roll the camera. I can record makeup tutorials as if the girl would be doing her makeup. In reality, it is me who does it and it is one fun thing to do as I can express myself even more artistically. Have a look at the makeup tutorial I recorded this way.

The reason I did it is because I checked the statistics of Nika Erculj, an amazing Youtubing friend of mine, where I noticed that she gets three times more subscribers per 1000 views as I do. Comparing to my metrics, a huge chunk of her subscriptions comes directly through the videos. This means that girls subscribe to her channel very impulsively. Youtube ranks this kind of fanaticism among the highest, therefore I decided to have a slice of the cake as well.

I recorded the tutorial above as I thought this would make girls subscribe to my channel straight. If that happened, my views would skyrocket.

But here is the catch! After a couple of discussions with my friends, I noticed that the viewers, before subscribing, almost always scroll down to the comments section, where it is obvious that my channel is not about a pretty young chick.

I interact with my fans a lot therefore I let them know that the video is an experiment, which influences the results. I just didn’t want to risk loosing my regulars as they would be surprised by an unusual video concept they haven’t signed for.

I even changed my thumbnail. It doesn’t help, because when an average young girl lands on my channel and she clicks any other video, she gets bored of my “technical” approach. There are a lot of other things that ruined my experiment, but I still have something to show you.

While reading the statistics, upset about the experiment that went wrong, I spotted something very interesting!

What surprised me is the high amount of times that the video was saved in playlists!

Victoria's Secret Makeup Tutorial stats
Victoria’s Secret Makeup Tutorial stats

Plus the amount of times the video was suggested to others by Youtube’s algorithm is very high!!! I know we can’t make conclusions as the view count hasn’t even gone over a 1000, but if it does, my future post will give you some very cool insights into the psychological behavior of women.

Don’t think I am complaining or crying for things to be different. This is just me trying to nail this game with what I’ve got. So here it is, my second video from the experiment.

And don’t worry, I’ll never change the way I do makeup tutorials!!! This was just an experiment to prove my point!

Quite cool isn’t it? Eva really looks like she knows how to apply makeup like a pro!!! Here are the products I used to achieve this look.

Products used for the Vampy Makeup Look by AdviseMyStyle
Products used for the Vampy Makeup Look by AdviseMyStyle
  1. Lancome La Base pro foundation primer
  2. Lancome Teint Idole Ultra foundation in shade 01
  3. YSL pressed powder in shade 02
  4. ZOEVA Cocoa Blend eyeshadow palette
  5. YSL eyebrow pencil no.2
  6. YSL Faux Cills mascara in black
  7. YSL Rouge pur Couture lipstick The Mattes no.205
  8. YSL lip pencil no.14
  9. Kanebo liquid eyeliner in black
  10. MAC Pro dark concealer palette

Be a good girl and I’ll see you soon…

Can I wear blue eyeshadow on blue eyes?

Of course you can wear blue eyeshadow on blue eyes. Here is how you do it!

Eva has amazing blue eyes. When I first met her, I was like: “Giiirrrrrllll!!! You need to be in my makeup tutorial!” She was like: “O.K.” and that’s how the story began.

She came to my place and because she has rounder face features, I convinced her to do a How to turn a Babyface into a Playboy bunny makeup tutorial. I was very cautious before I explained her the idea as there were a couple of girls already, who thought I would like to record movies for adults. Lol!

I didn’t want to freak her out straight, so I just told her to bring a couple of sexy clothes with her. Girls like sexy girls and everyone knows that. When she was in my studio, I started explaining her what I want to do and that it won’t be naked etc. and she agreed.

Such a lovely girl, so much fun to work with. Funny enough, that video got almost 100.000 views because one of the most searched terms on Youtube is

How to look like a Playboy bunny!?

Here is the makeup tutorial I am talking about.

But this time, I decided to enhance her blue eyes in a very extraordinary way. Wearing blue eyeshadow on blue eyes is mostly a no, no, except if done properly. The main idea is to make a barrier between your eyelid and the iris which can be done with an eyeliner, a thick coat of mascara or even fake eyelashes. It also helps if you use blue color which is different to your eyes.

We took loads of photos, but because I was renting new lights and weren’t used to them, I overexposed most of the images and hardly kept any in focus. I am so sorry! Hope Eva is not too disappointed as well. If you are reading this babe, I promise I will make it up next time.

Here is how the Blue ZOEVA’s eyeshadows look on Eva’s light blue eyes.

Blue eyeshadow for blue eyes with Eva Jereb
Blue eyeshadow for blue eyes with Eva Jereb

On the picture below you can see all the products used on Eva in order to do this look and there is also a description of each item. I didn’t include the part in the video where I am using Bobbi Brown’s cream eyeshadow in Bone, because it was too dry and it went into patches. I think I’ll throw it away, because I just don’t like it. It is too freaking dry!!!???

I also forgot to record the foundation we used which is Teint Touche Eclat by Yves Saint Laurent in shade BR40. I had a bit of an issue recording true colors in this makeup tutorial and everything looks a bit too yellow. I’ll make sure I will color calibrate my tutorials as soon as I buy the new equipment which should be in a month’s time. But the photo below represents real colors!

Products used for Blue Eyeshadow on Blue Eyes
Products used for Blue Eyeshadow on Blue Eyes

Products used:

  1. Kiko Milano lip pencil no.700
  2. YSL Rouge Volupte lipstick no.13
  3. YSL Blush Couture no.7
  4. MAC Pro Dark concealer palette
  5. YSL black gel eyeliner (discontinued)
  6. ZOEVA Retrofuture eyeshadow palette
  7. ZOEVA Cocoa Blend eyeshadow palette
  8. YSL Touche Eclat Neutralizer in Apricot
  9. L’Oreal False Lash Flutter mascara
  10. Kryolan eyebrow shadow palette
  11. Teint Touche Eclat foundation in BR40 (Not on the photo.)

Let me know what you think about my new concept of the blog posts and please share it with your friends. It would mean a world to me!

Love you and see you soon.

Kisses from London, Jure.

SMURFAID – Freaky Smurfette Mermaid Halloween makeup tutorial for gingers and girls with red hair

This year I wanted to express myself more artistically. Most of you know me as a makeup artist who loves technical aspects of makeup, but I am also very creative. The thing is that I have a bit different taste to what you see on Youtube. I don’t like body painting and I don’t like special FX makeup, so this is what you get with me, a DEAD mermaid.

I am a bit disappointed, because whenever I express myself artistically on Youtube, I don’t get a satisfying feedback. It is really strange, because my professional work usually gets amazing response in the fashion industry. This is why I came to the conclusion that girls on Youtube just want to see amazing transformations. They don’t  care about techniques and ideas they could actually use on their faces. Are Youtube makeup tutorials more for entertainment than learning!?

I came up with this Halloween look by thinking of a Dead Smurfette and staring at Giselle’s orange hair. Bbbbbaaaaaaaaaammmmmmm! Here she was!!! A dead SMURFAID! A mixture of a SMURF and a MERMAID.

This Halloween makeup look will especially suit gingers and girls with red hair. If your hair is brown or black, use white color as a base and if your hair is blonde, use baby pink.

If you go on a Halloween party dressed up as a Smurfaid or Dead Madonna which I did in another makeup tutorial, please send me photos on email or just hashtag them…


Why girls don’t want to be UGLY for Halloween?

Yes, yes, there are loads of Youtube makeup tutorials on how to look like half of your face is missing and indeed they are getting millions of views, but when you go out for Halloween, you hardly see any girl dressed up as a proper zombie.

Halloween parties usually look like Playboy contests or Pornstar Festivals where most of the girls look like sluts with half of their asses out.

Or is it just me who thinks so?

The best parties I’ve ever been to are Holloween parties, because people go totally mental! The feeling that no one knows who you are brings out the devil. You wouldn’t believe stuff I’ve seen for Halloween!!!???

Sex, drugs and Rock’n’Roll! This is why London, NewYork and Berlin are the best Party cities in the world. They give you anonymity and just the feeling of it, brings out the worst in us!

But let’s get back to girls who want to be sexy. I asked two female friends of mine what will they be for Halloween and they said: “Sluts!” I was like… Girls… You two ARE sluts, you don’t need to pretend. Bring out Champagne, because girls want to have sex for Halloween and don’t forget about the condoms!!! Lol!

For all of you who don’t spread them that easily, here is the best contraception advice ever!!! Be ugly!!! Be freaking ugly for Halloween and no guy will even want to talk to you!

For everyone who would like to be somewhere in between, here is my Dead Marilyn Monroe makeup tutorial which ended up looking more like Madonna!? Let me know in the comments below if you notice what I totally forgot about in the video.

Makeup theory behind Contouring Cheeks and Heart shaped face

I realized that women find the makeup theory  quite boring. But in order to contour your cheeks and face well, it is essential to know the basics. This is an old video of mine where I didn’t know much about how to engage the viewer, but if you are patient and listen closely, you will learn quite a few very important things about contouring cheeks on a heart shaped face.

I stressed it out so many times! Women look amazing on photos and on camera when they cake up shit loads of makeup on their faces, whereas in real life they look scary. I really hope one day this craziness will be over, because women started hiding their faces behind the masks. Less and less people are satisfied about how they look and want to change their appearance.

Why is no one talking about contouring and highlighting your heart!? How to make your heart nicer? This actually means that we need to forget about contouring and rather focus on highlighting.

You are beautiful just the way you are, so today I want you to

highlight your heart…

Easy and fun DEAD UNICORN makeup tutorial for Halloween

I didn’t know much about Unicorns until I accidentally killed one. Youtube is full of amazing face painting and special effects makeup tutorials for Halloween, but not all of us are amazing painters. Recreating the looks we see is not easy at all. Halloween makeup tutorials usually require loads of products and they don’t suit most of the faces. Women in general have hooded eyes so the looks end up weird and far from what we expected.

This is why I am trying to come up with Halloween makeup looks that would be easy and fun to recreate and wouldn’t need incredible makeup skills. The main investment is Kryolan’s Color Circle which costs 10 pounds and will last you for ages! You can use it each year and I will make sure I do more looks using the same Color Circle throughout the next years.

I like more fashionable stuff, but this time I collaborated with Maggy Woodley who made an awesome Unicorn horn. Most of the young girls are fascinated by incredible transformations they see on Youtube, but once again, who has the time and knowledge to recreate them. I don’t have nor time, nor money to do a one time Halloween costume. This is why I think Maggy who runs the Youtube channel Red Ted Art did an amazing job! Wouldn’t it be fun if you and your friends would all be Dead Unicorns for Halloween? It is cheap, original and efficient so check her paper craft tutorial.

I find it interesting why this video’s watch time declines as soon as people see the look and would really like your opinion on it.

For all of you who decide to be Dead Unicorns for the Halloween, I would love to have your photos, so please send them to me and post them on your social media with the