Pink Mascara goes great with Orange Ombre Eyebrows

ORANGE Eyeshadow for Downturned DEEP SET EYES and Ombre Eyebrows

Have you ever tried orange eyeshadow? It is awesome!!! It makes deep set eyes pop. Your face will look fresh and bubbly and the best part is that orange takes the blue undertone out of your eyelids.

This means that your eyes will shine with vividness. Using orange eyeshadows is awesome especially when you feel like you’ve been hit by a truck or ran over by an elephant.

My model Denitsa has deep set eyes that are downturned on the outer edges. This is why I used the dark pencil in a way that is not very common when applying makeup on deep set eyes. Girls with such eye shape usually apply dark eyeshadow on the brow bone and in the crease, which makes the look very heavy.

In this makeup tutorial I used darker kohl pencil to elongate the eyes which made them look less downturned. To spice it up, I applied a pink mascara which by itself would look strange, but creating an ombre effect on the eyelashes with a darker mascara, completed the look in a very interesting way.

I was thinking how would I feel if I would see a girl wearing ombre orange eyebrows on the street and I actually think I would like it. As long as they don’t look too Instagram, I am fine with such technique.

Let this makeup tutorial be an inspiration for all of you who want to be different. This is for my Rebel Rock Chicks!!!

And here are the products used…

Pink Mascara with an Orange Eyeshadow and Ombre Eyebrows is the bomb
Ever wondered how to apply a pink mascara in a combination with an orange eyeshadow and orange ombre eyebrows?
  1. Ultrasun Face Sunscreen Moisturizer
  2. No Foundation Foundation in Medium by Perricone MD
  3. Black Kohl Pencil by L’Oreal
  4. YSL Touche Eclat Color Neutralizers in Green and Peach
  5. Laura Mercier Eyebrow pencils (I don’t like them!)
  6. Laura Mercier lip pencil in Chestnut
  7. ZOEVA Cocoa Blend Eyeshadow Palette
  8. Kiko Milano Pigment Loose Eyeshadow no.19
  9. YSL Pressed Powder no.2
  10. YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick no.3
  11. YSL Faux Cills Mascara in Pink and Radical Black
  12. YSL Bronzer no.3 (Discontinued)



8 thoughts on “ORANGE Eyeshadow for Downturned DEEP SET EYES and Ombre Eyebrows”

    1. Heeeeyyyy!!! Haven’t seen your comments. 😦 Am launching a new website soon, therefore I left it aside a bit. πŸ™‚ I am recording a new makeup tutorial with her tomorrow. πŸ™‚


  1. Hi, it’s OliviaD (I have been too lazy to figure out how to change my name here). I have been thinking about you, things you’ve written about the make up fools on you tube, and your experiences with women , and what you are trying to do here….. how you stop women on the street, and talk to women at the counter. It reminds me of Ari Seth Cohen, of the Advanced Style blog (now book, movie, etc. etc.). He started by doing the same thing, stopping older women he thought had interesting style on the street and asking to photograph them (he is about the fashion), but make up right up there with it.. I love reading and watching videos of the ladies he features….

    I think it should be that make up and a “beauty” site should be about making me feel better about myself. But I have noticed the opposite. All these you tube sites, like you say.. do the opposite, I’m sure to other women too…. they are trying to make me feel like if I want to look good, or to feel good, I need to buy all this stuff and put all of this stuff on my face, to cover it up, to change it, to hide it……It is so wrong!

    I know what you want to do is help women feel better (I really get that vibe from you ) of course you love doing make up.. but I sense you do have a “deeper” side…
    What Ari Cohen did eventually, which led to a movie and really starting a movement, I believe, was get to know some of these women,,, their stories. He and the woman he made the doc with just started by making a video of one of the women he thought was interesting… to learn her story.

    It reminds me of what you are doing… by asking women to try your make up and send you pictures, but wanting to hear their STORIES…….. I think you are on to something. I think you could perhaps in a way do something to try to change the current fucked up state of the “beauty” world.. and bring it back to what it was meant to be. The women you get to try make up, and listen to.. the ones you’ve mentioned who make you feel like a therapist… write down their stories… I think a really cool theme for your blog could be stories of how learning to do make up helped women make bigger changes…… the stuff you see every day…. if you could get some women… of all ages…. to open up to you… maybe a woman wanted some kind of job and she had no confidence to speak in public, and she learned how to make herself look nice with some make up.. and she FELT pretty.. and she took chances, and she got the job.. and her life changed…..

    BUT – you would tell the true story. The fake one we are always told is that something like that will happen if I buy this make up, or this hair product, or this car, or have less wrinkles, or get this surgery. But you and I know that is not the case. That will sell products. You are truly about sharing your knowledge.. and helping people transform themselves. I am just free associating.

    I saw a talk by a make up artist that was about the similar theme.. how she helped people, but it really wasn’t the make up…. I will try to find it.

    Also, the market is changing. Oh yes, in fashion and make up, youth will always be #1 BUT, in America, what we call the Baby Boomers, (generations all have names) are now aging (they are said to be 1946-1964).. so 50s, 60s, early 70’s. This generation makes up a lot of the population – as a whole they worked hard… so this group has a lot of influence. What I see now is the fashion and beauty industry now catering to this group. 50 year old women are not “old” anymore! I know a lot of hot looking women in their 50s and 60s!

    I read a comment under one of your videos and a woman said “oh, you don’t want a photo of a 56 year old” . And I though, and wrote, πŸ™‚ NO! Of course you do! WE need to change this thinking! My goodness, Sharon Stone, Cindy Crawford, Kim Catrall (from Sex iin the City – she is 57) Maria Schriver… (he journalist).—- these are HOT women. but,

    it’s the woman who have that special light inside who are really beautiful…I think if you could find women like that.. who have that but don’t realize how beautiful they really are.. and help them see that.. NOT for the purpose of taking selfies, but so they can really live their full potential.. and told your stories of how you witness that, that would be cool…. that would be something like what Ari Cohen does with the fashion.. you could do the make up version….. fabulous!


  2. Yeeesssss! Have my “mango” colored eyeshadow ready for a gorgeous dress I wear during the summer! I have blue/green eyes and it is so gorgeous! I’m cool toned but if you pick an orange with some pink in it, it will rock!


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