How important is beauty on Youtube and in sociaety

How important is beauty on YOUTUBE and in the SOCIETY?

Here’s the thing! I am positive that if I were a beautiful woman I would already drive a pink Ferrari. The thought crossed my mind when I was chatting with a friend of mine quite some time ago. I was complaining how unfair it is as I am putting so much time and effort into something I badly want to succeed, whereas little girls with no remarkable skills swipe me of the Youtube arena with something that was given to them,


He was like: “I knoooowwww, bro!!! I love watching makeup tutorials!!!”

Funny right? He loves to watch girls talk about makeup. Not because he would be interested in what they say, but because of their cleavage and sexy moist lips.  He said the more boobs they show, the better and if the boobs bounce when the girl talks, he watches even more.

You might think what a voyeuristic pervert, but I guess this explains the statistics on my channel.

Percantage of male watching Youtube makeup videos by AdviseMyStyle
Percantage of male watching Youtube makeup videos by AdviseMyStyle

There I was complaining again(Lol! It sounds like I am constantly whining!?), this time to Juliette, three months ago, about the same annoying thing. Juliette is a gorgeous friend of mine who will soon be a model in my makeup tutorials. She said she doesn’t care about the makeup as much as she loves to watch hot girls she relates to. I get the same comment over and over again…

Why girls like watching other girls on Youtube

Why girls like watching other girls on Youtube Comment 2

Let me highlight the core points in the two comments above.

It’s like listening to a girlfriend talk to you and is just fun and relaxing.

They talk to viewers like their girlfriends. When they do tutorials, they also talk about their life, their boyfriend, things that make them happy and sad.

Hallo!? If this is the world my kids will live in, I don’t want to have kids! Why the hell don’t they get real friends with real makeup that daddy paid for? How come they even have time to watch such nonsense? Shouldn’t they be studying!? We need to talk to Juliette when she pops over! Lol!

I get it! The most important is how girls relate to other girls. Young girls just don’t want to watch an older guy like myself, talking about “boring” makeup facts. Maybe I should visit the gym more often, take my shirt off and attract the younger population? Now that’s one cool idea, isn’t it? I just hope I am pretty enough. Kidding…

To be honest, I like delivering to the older population. This is why I will soon start doing four makeup tutorials per month on 40+ year old models. The only problem is that this generation at the moment is not that significant. It might be in a couple of years, but at the moment, it doesn’t affect Youtube’s algorithm.

What concerns me is that the behavior of 40+ year olds’ is far from the fanaticism of the younger population and therefore won’t create trends like The Power of Makeup Tutorials or Room Tours if Youtube doesn’t change it’s algorithm which is currently based on watch time. That’s why Wayne Goss went mainstream if you noticed. To make a long story short, we need to attract the younger population while still keeping myself and my sexy mommas happy.

Because I don’t want to sell myself short and go mainstream, here’s what I came up with. I am not a sexy girl but I know how to roll the camera. I can record makeup tutorials as if the girl would be doing her makeup. In reality, it is me who does it and it is one fun thing to do as I can express myself even more artistically. Have a look at the makeup tutorial I recorded this way.

The reason I did it is because I checked the statistics of Nika Erculj, an amazing Youtubing friend of mine, where I noticed that she gets three times more subscribers per 1000 views as I do. Comparing to my metrics, a huge chunk of her subscriptions comes directly through the videos. This means that girls subscribe to her channel very impulsively. Youtube ranks this kind of fanaticism among the highest, therefore I decided to have a slice of the cake as well.

I recorded the tutorial above as I thought this would make girls subscribe to my channel straight. If that happened, my views would skyrocket.

But here is the catch! After a couple of discussions with my friends, I noticed that the viewers, before subscribing, almost always scroll down to the comments section, where it is obvious that my channel is not about a pretty young chick.

I interact with my fans a lot therefore I let them know that the video is an experiment, which influences the results. I just didn’t want to risk loosing my regulars as they would be surprised by an unusual video concept they haven’t signed for.

I even changed my thumbnail. It doesn’t help, because when an average young girl lands on my channel and she clicks any other video, she gets bored of my “technical” approach. There are a lot of other things that ruined my experiment, but I still have something to show you.

While reading the statistics, upset about the experiment that went wrong, I spotted something very interesting!

What surprised me is the high amount of times that the video was saved in playlists!

Victoria's Secret Makeup Tutorial stats
Victoria’s Secret Makeup Tutorial stats

Plus the amount of times the video was suggested to others by Youtube’s algorithm is very high!!! I know we can’t make conclusions as the view count hasn’t even gone over a 1000, but if it does, my future post will give you some very cool insights into the psychological behavior of women.

Don’t think I am complaining or crying for things to be different. This is just me trying to nail this game with what I’ve got. So here it is, my second video from the experiment.

And don’t worry, I’ll never change the way I do makeup tutorials!!! This was just an experiment to prove my point!

Quite cool isn’t it? Eva really looks like she knows how to apply makeup like a pro!!! Here are the products I used to achieve this look.

Products used for the Vampy Makeup Look by AdviseMyStyle
Products used for the Vampy Makeup Look by AdviseMyStyle
  1. Lancome La Base pro foundation primer
  2. Lancome Teint Idole Ultra foundation in shade 01
  3. YSL pressed powder in shade 02
  4. ZOEVA Cocoa Blend eyeshadow palette
  5. YSL eyebrow pencil no.2
  6. YSL Faux Cills mascara in black
  7. YSL Rouge pur Couture lipstick The Mattes no.205
  8. YSL lip pencil no.14
  9. Kanebo liquid eyeliner in black
  10. MAC Pro dark concealer palette

Be a good girl and I’ll see you soon…


17 thoughts on “How important is beauty on YOUTUBE and in the SOCIETY?”

  1. For the love of God, please don’t change , I thoroughly enjoy you videos… It almost feels as if you are speaking directly to me, not at me. I prefer to be part of the family, then to hear you claim me as a follower….. Example… One person I was watching called her followers her Fishies….. This resulted in a huge eye roll from me, and an unfollow. To ” join our family” is inclusive, not setting yourself above others.

    Personally I enjoy the details in your videos…. I am a “why” person…. I need to know why this works and why this doesn’t . I can’t sit by and be a sheep….. Give me details man…… Lol……. I’m not suggesting you put me in a coma with overly technical details either….. Your details are just the right amount……. Might I add , thank you for not having the stupid candle burning in the corner, or all the other distracting knick knacks surrounding you or your lovely models, that have nothing to do with your chosen subject.

    Last thing… and I will leave you at peace…… I appreciate your interactions with us regarding post to your videos….. It is quite refreshing to see that, I realize it’s hard to do, but thank you for taking the time. Remember……If you build it, they will come……

    Wishing you the best of luck ( my face depends on it),


    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know yooooouuuuu! 🙂 You’re my new fan! I feel so bad that I need to shut down this website and move everything to the new domain. I am thinking to move all the posts, because some of them are really good. 🙂 Once again, thank you for the love. 🙂 I call my fans Chicabellas. The name consists of Chica ( Girl in Spanish ) and Bella ( Beautiful in Italian ). But yes! I prefer addressing my fans as individuals. 🙂 So… Hey Candie! :*


  2. This was very interesting to read. If you did a blog series on this topic I would be very into it. BTW I’m 27-28 years old. The experimental videos look very (over the top) glamorous, and I think that is an issue for the demographic you where appealing to. If the girl in the video had done the voice over, that would’ve been a lot more enjoyable than just music. I think static shots would work better than the rotating shots too imho. Also the call to “join our happy family” is a bit creepy sounding (because its not a teen girl saying it), and I think you don’t realize this because your English is not that good.

    I think you should get inspiration from older You Tubers like Wayne Goss and the Pixiwoo sisters, instead of the younger You tubers. They have quite a large following as well. If you want to play the attractive card, you dont have to try that hard. You are quite handsome, just put some mineral foundation on and bronzer, like Wayne Goss does! I swear just looking pretty helps.

    I mainly watch your videos because I dont know what the hell I’m doing with makeup! I dont know what goes where, or anything. I have hooded, slightly deep set eyes. They are smallish too, and I have a pear face shape! Talk about a challenging face to put makeup on. I can’t just stick a brush in my eye sockets, do a windshield wiper motion with medium shadow and slap on some thick black eyeliner like many young youtubers do. Also, Im getting older, my skin is looser and wrinklier, and the thick makeup I used before looks terrible now, so I look for guidance on You tube to know where to put on the makeup I buy.


    1. I also watch your videos because you seem like a sweet, good person overall; and because your models are real people with wrinkles, uneven skintone, and eye bags, like me. I dont like watching tutorials of girls that are 15 years old who have perfect skin and no wrinkles. They also lack expertise and that bothers me.


    2. This was awesome! Thank you for the comment! But if I put the “Join our happy family” in my makeup tutorials, it sounds o.k. right? Thank you for the suggestions. I guess I need to pay more attention on how I dress and stuff. 🙂 Maybe I need to start doing totally different makeup tutorials. More like reviews and stuff. 🙂 Well…Half, half… 🙂


  3. Hi , Well is it not about what YOU want! Do you want to have a million mindless subscribers or do you want to have real people who really want to learn from you. For fun I watch other Youtubers but after a while they all bore me to death! For us mature women it is no fun watching models with perfect skin and no eyebags and no wrinkles. And the amount of layers of make up they put on is horrific. I really enjoy your videos and your humor. Really laughed when you are running around London to see if the makeup will stay put. I would say: stay your natural self and do what you like and everything will work out fine! Love from Holland!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lovely to hear your words Marion! 🙂 Will do more of the running makeup tutorials this year. I am soon buying a new compact camera and we’ll be sweatting our caked up faces around London. 🙂


  4. “They talk to viewers like their girlfriends. When they do tutorials, they also talk about their life, their boyfriend, things that make them happy and sad.”
    I laughed so hard at this. pretty sad if that is the reason they watch a youtube video my god. I had no idea you had a blog!! So excited to see this.
    Love the way you laid out your makeup used btw, thought that was super cool.

    I guess this doesn’t speak for all of youtube, but your followers follow you because we like your approach to things. i love how you break down makeup basics and make it genuinely look like “YES YOU CAN DO MAKEUP TOO. YOURE NOT A NOOB DONT WORRY.”

    I swear, the video where you talked about not caking on makeup (not that i ever did) but i really felt more confident in my decision to not wear makeup on a daily basis.

    keep doing what you do. you have people that eagerly wait for your next upload ❤


    1. This was cute! Thank you! Glad I could be of help. :* Laying down makeup like this takes a lot of time, but I will soon have a format that will make it even better. ZOEVA is sending me their brushes so I will be able to use industry standard brush shapes. Plus I think their quality for the price is better than MAC’s. Then I’ll photograph products with brushes I used for the products. Same as above, bit you’ll be able to understand and better see the shapes and sizes of the brushes. 🙂 Aaalllsssoooo!!! In two months approx. I am launching the video recommender system on this blog. :*

      Liked by 1 person

      1. sounds like a plan. ❤ looking forward to it, coz currently my selection of brushes goes "eh fluffy one for powder, less fluffy one for eyeshadow in the crease, not so fluffy one for eyeshadow on the lid" hahaha.


  5. Count me in the minority I guess. I for one, HATE how fake the supposed “Beauty Gurus” are and I actually find it more interesting to watch the lesser known people that look real, not like a blow up doll. I face palm every time I see a “Guru” apply concealer as an extra layer of foundation. So many of them wear foundation that makes them look like an orange oompa loompa and I do not trust any of bigger channels for product recommendations and “monthly favourites”. Companies like Morphe and Gerard Cosmetics, that have crappy products are only big because of the lies these girls help to spread. Some of the questionable techniques they use look good on camera but in person look like cake face.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hahaha! Love your comment! 🙂 It is so funny how easy girls get convinced nowadays into buying crappy products. I hardly trust anyone except if I find a person genuine and backed up with knowledge, expertees and experience. 🙂 But the future generation looks like believing a plumber on how to do lasar facial treatments. Lol! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  6. I LOVE this blog, Juri! I am one of your 50 something girls who will watch each and every video you make! No matter what age your models are or whether I see your smilin’ face or not, just knowing that it is YOU actually doing their makeup is freakin’ genius! I will be cheering you on all the way! Hugs ;~)


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