Halloween Makeup Challenge by Hatice Turan

Aaaaaannnnnndddddddd here are the photos by the super cute Hatice Turan who decided to recreate my Freaky Mermaid makeup look for the Halloween.

I think she did an awesome job! I love her positive energy and I wish I would have more fans like her, because it feels great to be a part of an interactive community. I also admire her for letting us see her real skin texture as the photos are not retouched. It is important to understand that almost EVERYTHING you see on the internet is seriously polished!

I know it takes time to copy my makeup, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if we would be able to see women all around the world wearing the same makeup? This is the main idea of AdviseMyStyle. I want to show you techniques everyone could copy.

Join this beautiful pink haired angel by copying the makeup I do in the next makeup challenge.

Don’t be shy, it is just makeup!


2 thoughts on “Halloween Makeup Challenge by Hatice Turan”

  1. OMG!!!! Juree! Thanks so much for this honor. I feel terribly happy to see myself on your blog :)))) I wish you reach more people and I hope everybody can see what you are doing for real women.

    Kisses, Hatice.


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