Why do we need to TALK ABOUT our FEARS, FEELINGS and PROBLEMS?

I was sitting in a restaurant with a beautiful friend of mine. Behind layers of fear her eyes sparkle as she would swallow the moon. We’re chatting, sipping wine, eating pizza, when once in a sudden she leans forward and touches the pink ribbon I was wearing for the breast cancer awareness.

Take it off, it doesn’t suit your jacket. Who cares if it suits or not, it has a purpose. Well… I think you would look better without it.


I told her she can trust me, two times that night. I told her she can talk to me whenever she likes and she knows that. I am not dumb. I see things, I feel them!

When I moved to England I went nuts. Everything in my life crashed! I broke up with my girlfriend, started living in a sh** hole and my job was far from what I wanted. I was down and no running or gym could make it better. My mind went into the self-destruct mode. Life was grey and the British sky didn’t make it any brighter.

I was convinced  I can go through this hurricane alone. I was wrong…

This is where I think Prof.Dr. Brene Brown could expand her theory. In her book she says we should share our fears only with people who earned our trust. But how can we know who earned it? And if we are somewhere where there is no one who has yet earned it, is it better to talk about our fears with random people?

My answer is yes. When you don’t have anyone to talk to, talk to random people. Listen to your instinct and choose the ones you feel were sent to you by the higher power in order to make your life easier.

I see how my friends tend to worsen the situations by keeping the fears inside. If your father is sick and it influences your behavior, why don’t you tell me how you feel? I don’t like to be guessing what to do or what to say. It is not only that you are making yourself miserable, you are also making me uncomfortable as I don’t know where I stand.

I know your parents told you one day you will be on your own, but how can we be on our own if we are all one? Wouldn’t it be easier for both of us if she would just say:

“Jure, I think I might have breast cancer…”


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