freaky mermaid halloween makeup tutorial for gingers and redheads

SMURFAID – Freaky Smurfette Mermaid Halloween makeup tutorial for gingers and girls with red hair

This year I wanted to express myself more artistically. Most of you know me as a makeup artist who loves technical aspects of makeup, but I am also very creative. The thing is that I have a bit different taste to what you see on Youtube. I don’t like body painting and I don’t like special FX makeup, so this is what you get with me, a DEAD mermaid.

I am a bit disappointed, because whenever I express myself artistically on Youtube, I don’t get a satisfying feedback. It is really strange, because my professional work usually gets amazing response in the fashion industry. This is why I came to the conclusion that girls on Youtube just want to see amazing transformations. They don’t  care about techniques and ideas they could actually use on their faces. Are Youtube makeup tutorials more for entertainment than learning!?

I came up with this Halloween look by thinking of a Dead Smurfette and staring at Giselle’s orange hair. Bbbbbaaaaaaaaaammmmmmm! Here she was!!! A dead SMURFAID! A mixture of a SMURF and a MERMAID.

This Halloween makeup look will especially suit gingers and girls with red hair. If your hair is brown or black, use white color as a base and if your hair is blonde, use baby pink.

If you go on a Halloween party dressed up as a Smurfaid or Dead Madonna which I did in another makeup tutorial, please send me photos on email or just hashtag them…



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