dead marilyn monroe halloween makeup tutorial

Why girls don’t want to be UGLY for Halloween?

Yes, yes, there are loads of Youtube makeup tutorials on how to look like half of your face is missing and indeed they are getting millions of views, but when you go out for Halloween, you hardly see any girl dressed up as a proper zombie.

Halloween parties usually look like Playboy contests or Pornstar Festivals where most of the girls look like sluts with half of their asses out.

Or is it just me who thinks so?

The best parties I’ve ever been to are Holloween parties, because people go totally mental! The feeling that no one knows who you are brings out the devil. You wouldn’t believe stuff I’ve seen for Halloween!!!???

Sex, drugs and Rock’n’Roll! This is why London, NewYork and Berlin are the best Party cities in the world. They give you anonymity and just the feeling of it, brings out the worst in us!

But let’s get back to girls who want to be sexy. I asked two female friends of mine what will they be for Halloween and they said: “Sluts!” I was like… Girls… You two ARE sluts, you don’t need to pretend. Bring out Champagne, because girls want to have sex for Halloween and don’t forget about the condoms!!! Lol!

For all of you who don’t spread them that easily, here is the best contraception advice ever!!! Be ugly!!! Be freaking ugly for Halloween and no guy will even want to talk to you!

For everyone who would like to be somewhere in between, here is my Dead Marilyn Monroe makeup tutorial which ended up looking more like Madonna!? Let me know in the comments below if you notice what I totally forgot about in the video.


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