contouring heart shaped face and cheeks with powder bronzer

Makeup theory behind Contouring Cheeks and Heart shaped face

I realized that women find the makeup theory ¬†quite boring. But in order to contour your cheeks and face well, it is essential to know the basics. This is an old video of mine where I didn’t know much about how to engage the viewer, but if you are patient and listen closely, you will learn quite a few very important things about contouring cheeks on a heart shaped face.

I stressed it out so many times! Women look amazing on photos and on camera when they cake up shit loads of makeup on their faces, whereas in real life they look scary. I really hope one day this craziness will be over, because women started hiding their faces behind the masks. Less and less people are satisfied about how they look and want to change their appearance.

Why is no one talking about contouring and highlighting your heart!? How to make your heart nicer? This actually means that we need to forget about contouring and rather focus on highlighting.

You are beautiful just the way you are, so today I want you to

highlight your heart…


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