The dead unicorn halloween makeup tutorial in collaboration with Red Ted Art

Easy and fun DEAD UNICORN makeup tutorial for Halloween

I didn’t know much about Unicorns until I accidentally killed one. Youtube is full of amazing face painting and special effects makeup tutorials for Halloween, but not all of us are amazing painters. Recreating the looks we see is not easy at all. Halloween makeup tutorials usually require loads of products and they don’t suit most of the faces. Women in general have hooded eyes so the looks end up weird and far from what we expected.

This is why I am trying to come up with Halloween makeup looks that would be easy and fun to recreate and wouldn’t need incredible makeup skills. The main investment is Kryolan’s Color Circle which costs 10 pounds and will last you for ages! You can use it each year and I will make sure I do more looks using the same Color Circle throughout the next years.

I like more fashionable stuff, but this time I collaborated with Maggy Woodley who made an awesome Unicorn horn. Most of the young girls are fascinated by incredible transformations they see on Youtube, but once again, who has the time and knowledge to recreate them. I don’t have nor time, nor money to do a one time Halloween costume. This is why I think Maggy who runs the Youtube channel Red Ted Art did an amazing job! Wouldn’t it be fun if you and your friends would all be Dead Unicorns for Halloween? It is cheap, original and efficient so check her paper craft tutorial.

I find it interesting why this video’s watch time declines as soon as people see the look and would really like your opinion on it.

For all of you who decide to be Dead Unicorns for the Halloween, I would love to have your photos, so please send them to me and post them on your social media with the



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