How to contour a wide forehead with dark concealer

How to CONTOUR a wide forehead

I hate it when my videos get so many dislikes just because women expect incredible transformations. Kaja has a wide forehead and this is how she still looks normal.

Here are a couple of words by one of my favorite makeup artists Roshar…

Funny how little girls think they are makeup artists because they apply makeup on themselves or they know how to draw!? Look at Roshar’s work in the video above. It doesn’t have much in common with drawing.

Being good in drawing doesn’t necessarily make you good with makeup. You can be an amazing painter, but you are still far from being a makeup artist. We can draw on everything we touch. I can draw a little bunny on the tip of the spoon or on the lips of a girl. Does changing the surface where I draw make me a makeup artist? No!

This is why Youtube became full of crazy contouring and highlighting and 3D shaped eyebrows. There are many people who are average in drawing and by using the face as a canvas, they are admired by the public.

I say let them stick to the paper, otherwise the streets will become galleries of average paintings.

Don’t be fools, don’t follow makeup rules!

Cheers, Jure.


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