Really Hooded Eyes Vintage Makeup Tutorial

Really HOODED EYES makeup tutorial – 40’s makeup look


YouTube is full of hooded eyes makeup tutorials where girls are getting millions of views. I find it interesting, because I haven’t found even one hooded eyes makeup tutorial where the girl’s eyelid would actually be hooded. So how the hell can they have so many fans if they are lying about their characteristics? And why do people even believe them, don’t they know how  hooded eyes looks like? Or do they just believe them because they are beautiful? There was actually a big research proving that people trust beautiful people far more.

This is not the best makeup tutorial I did, because it was recorded with an old camera and those days I didn’t have much production knowledge. But I wanted you to see it, because what I say in the video makes a lot of sense. Pay attention to the idea of how to make your eyes less hooded. I am joking a bit, but it’s true. Optical illusions totally work!!!

And don’t worry about having hooded eyes.

There comes the day when everyone’s eyes become hooded!

Until we meet again…

Don’t be fools, don’t follow makeup rules!



2 thoughts on “Really HOODED EYES makeup tutorial – 40’s makeup look”

  1. Wow, this model is so gorgeous! I feel so much better now, like it is possible to be beautiful with hooded eyes! Of course she is beautiful anyway, but I am going to try this make up! I also love the vintage look, I love the 1940’s actress look, the style, the glamour; so I love this! Thank you!


    1. Heeeyyyy!!! Thanks for the lovely feedback. It feels great to be able to help. 🙂 There will be more Vintage stuff coming up so stay tuned, because I’ll also completely renovate this website as I am turning it into a video Makeup Tutorial recommender system. 🙂


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