how to do smokey eyes for blondes

Funny Interview with JULIA ALJAZ on How to be a GOOD FEMALE SINGER plus her Smokey Eye Makeup Look

This is the smokey eye makeup tutorial I recorded just before going to work where Julia explains how to produce an incredible voice. I had an our and a half to make it therefore it didn’t go totally as planned. But Julia is such a calm person full of positive vibes and her crew is absolutely incredible, so here you have some cool behind the scene shots.

Being a full time Youtuber with a permanent job can sometimes be hectic. To be honest I am usually so tired that I drop dead when I come home and I hardly wake up in the morning.

Yes, it is fun, yes, it is interesting, but for all of you who have permanent jobs and are dreaming of having millions of subscribers, let me tell you one thing.

It is not that easy as it seems!!!

The reason being is that Youtube is flooded with youngsters which are fanatic about watching their peers so that good content with educational value isn’t pushed forward by the Youtube’s algorithm. Especially now that Youtube rewards watch time.

I did so many makeup tutorials with brilliant ideas and great production value which mature women love to watch, but since the average view duration is on 38% due to the attention span of the younger generation, my videos are not shown even to my subscribers.

I find it so freaking annoying because women love my makeup tutorials and they support me so nicely, but since Youtube rewards the young generation’s fanaticism, my views are getting lower and lower.

When will this generation of little robots realize that life is not all about ponies and rainbows, pranks and boyfriend tags, about artificial beauty and five minutes of fame?

How come can someone who plays video games have 30 million subscribers, wheres the main educational institution TED Talks hardly made it to 4 million!?

Are we living in the world of emotional retards?


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