how to make yourself look older with makeup

How to make yourself LOOK OLDER with MAKEUP


It must be hectic when you are 18 and people think you are 13. They are telling you that when you will be 40 you will wish to look younger. Screw them! You are in love with a guy in school who you would love to hang out with, but he calls you the Little Baby Face.

I made this makeup tutorial because I wanted to show you how you can make yourself look older. Everything comes down to dark colors and harsh lines. Faces usually look young when their features are curved. Curved lines are soft and therefore they are perceived as cute.

Because makeup is just a paint on your face you can draw the lines more straight. This means that you make your eyebrows sharper, your lips more angled and your smokey eyes not so blended. Try to experiment with your looks and tell me if you encounter any challenges.

Also…Keep in mind that slutty clothes won’t make you look older. Older women look classy and classy doesn’t mean mini skirts with half naked cleavage.

Whatever you do, don’t let your situation affect your mindset. Yes, you look too young and that sucks, but some things in life you just can’t change instantly. This is why I came up with a brilliant idea!

I know a lot of girls and a couple of times I was shocked when a girl told me she is 16. I am a makeup artist and I am very good in guessing peoples’ age by counting their “wrinkles”, but these girls tricked me with their behavior.

What they all have in common is their intellect. Their knowledge of life and their way of expressing themselves makes them appear more mature.

When I was 25 I took a beautiful model who was 16 on a public function. She was talking to directors of big enterprises and even the prime minister of our country. She had such grace to her that she looked like a PR fairy while she was mingling with the cream de la creme. She had the cutest baby face I have ever seen, but no one that night thought she is under-aged. The director of General Electrics even came to me and said what a wonderful girl I brought with me and that it was his pleasure talking to her.

You see! Maybe the best idea in order for you to look older is to…

Read more books!!!

Don’t be fools, don’t follow makeup rules and I shall see you soon.

Kisses from London, Jure.


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