Makeup for Round Face - How to CONTOUR a ROUND FACE

Makeup for Round Face – How to CONTOUR a ROUND FACE

This is by far the most viewed makeup tutorial on my Youtube channel thanks to Google Search. There must be millions of women wondering how to contour their lovely round faces. Wonderful…if there wouldn’t be so many dislikes on it.

Women mostly think they will be able to change their faces with contouring and highlighting, because they see so many retouched photos on Instagram and when they watch my tutorial, they think it is crap.

Makeup is not plastic surgery!!!

The fact that women expect drastic change by wearing makeup results in the new episode Clowns in The City.

Clowns in The City is a real life episode where the world is polluted by a virus that makes women think their self-esteem will skyrocket by wearing a lot of makeup. They are more and more miserable and everything looks like there is no end to this drama because the ones who have the ability to make the cure are actually making the virus stronger!

Women should just accept what the higher power has given them. It is great to contour and wear THE RIGHT HAIRCUT, but don’t let your new appearance mess up your brain.

You are beautiful just the way you are and there is definitely a prince on the white horse who will recognize your divinity. While you are waiting for him to arrive or if you found him already and want to go on a red carpet, here is a better version of my most watched video.

Enjoy and I shall see you soon.

Kisses, Jure.


2 thoughts on “Makeup for Round Face – How to CONTOUR a ROUND FACE”

  1. Again spot on! If more women would listen to you about makeup they would be so much happier. But then, the “Admen” wouldn’t. Sadly we live in a world where mass production is fueled by mass marketing and in order to keep up pace they must have consumers who buy in mass amounts. Enter the “new thing” the “new model year”. That worked for many years until someone figured out that desperation fear and anxiety could sell more. I wish I knew the answer to make women in general more content with their own bodies, faces, abilities.

    I do know that a great many women seem to be at a loss for what attracts men. We outnumber them so the hunt for a prime male can get very competitive for some women. That a man is speaking out against all the over use of makeup and the phony expectations is I believe the very best way to start to combat it.

    The world needs a voice of reason.


    1. Daaaaammmmnnnn girl! Look at you! You are really educated! We should totally do this blog together! 🙂 I find it interesting how rounded your thoughts are. 🙂 I really wonder when will this situation change, because I don’t believe the world can continue to be like that. LAst time I read that 8% of the population in London live on antidepressants. No wonder I don’t fit in! 🙂

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