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Makeup Tips & Tricks for MATURE SKIN – How to apply PURPLE MAKEUP on OLDER WOMEN


My mum is the best model ever!!! She is so talkative and she knows sooooooooo muuuuccccchhhh! It is a delight listening to her, but this time it will be me who will do all the talking.

I really need to record a makeup tutorial where I will copy one of the caked up makeup looks “beauty gurus” on YouTube do on themselves, on my mum. I bet she will look like a wedding cake!!!

One actually needs to have perfect skin and face features in order to pull of most of the makeup looks we find on YouTube.

I would love to do far more looks for mature women, but I have two limitations. First is that I am in London and I don’t know any woman older than 40, second, if I start doing makeup tutorials on older women, I will loose the younger population on my channel which is sharing my videos far more often than the older population. Older women see it, think it is great and move on, whereas younger girls lots of times share it with their friends.

But hey, this doesn’t mean I won’t do it. I will try to make a balance for both, younger and older women. I am actually thinking to return to my country, build a nice makeup studio for video recording and take it from there. If everything goes by the plan and I make enough money from Youtube, I’ll build the best makeup channel ever! Back in my country I know a lot of mature women, after all, I can do makeup on my mum’s friends. They absolutely adore it!!!

Don’t think I am greedy, I just want to make YouTube my main job so I will be able to put thousands of cool ideas into action. At the moment I don’t even see my friends. If I am not at work, I am editing videos, recording new tutorials, writing scripts, updating my social media, etc. I actually have two jobs. Lol!

Therefore… Please share my makeup tutorials and I promise you incredible videos in the near future!


6 thoughts on “Makeup Tips & Tricks for MATURE SKIN – How to apply PURPLE MAKEUP on OLDER WOMEN”

  1. Yes, I think a devoted bar would be really nice. Younger women would be able to see that you are a true expert. We older gals could just pop in and watch. In a world that demands so much of the aging woman it has been a big help to hear a voice of reason. And my son? Well yes he has a channel. I try to stay out of it. He edits for other people and seems to have a good following. And ever once in a while he attempts to put me on. I’m a “good source”. Not sure what he trying to show. There was the spell when he kept jumping out at me….

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    1. Lol! Post the link, post the link, I want to see it! And as I wrote before, because of you girls I am more and more convinced, that starting applying makeup on mature women is a good idea. I am thinking how to put my ideas into practice. Give me a month and a half so I finish my studies and I promise I will take care of you. πŸ™‚

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    1. Lol! It is so funny what animals you girls pick for your avatars! I was actually thinking to start doing videos mainly for mature women. The way you girls interact with my videos is what I really like, so this might be a very cool idea. I think my way of thinking connects more to mature women than teenagers, because I am 32 years old afterall. πŸ™‚

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  2. Darling man, as you mother will tell you, if you post more videos for older women we will share them. I am really looking forward to that video you’ve been promising for some time. With over 600 FB friends world wide and about 90% over 40 when I do share it, it will get out there. In the meantime I understand about wanting to make this a full time job. I have a son with similar aspirations. Perhaps you could at least add a sidebar for older skin. Even a quick quip. Say: now if your over 40 you won’t want to bother with this bit try this instead. We old gals are smart enough to get the idea. As you know I love your videos and I look forward to you keeping up the good work.

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    1. O.K., O.K. I was whining again… Lol! You know what… I will post an ad on ModelMayham and PurplePort that I am looking for a mature model and then see what happens. It should definitely work. Then my mum comes to visit me in the middle of October therefore you will definitely get your videos. I also fund one model who is happy to do it and will try to record it ASAP. Only thing I don’t understand is where should I put that bar? Do you mean like a devoted section on Youtube for women over 40? What about your son? Does he have a Youtube channel? πŸ™‚

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