The Best Makeup Tutorial Ever First Interactive Makeup Lesson

The Best Makeup Tutorial Ever – The First Interactive Makeup Tutorial for HOODED EYES

I find it ridiculous how little girls cake up sh** loads of makeup and call it an everyday look. I find it even more hilarious how there are millions of girls watching their stupid 3D shape brow techniques and how to contour your face so you look like a drag queen.

There are so many girls who look like clowns when they hit the streets. Thanks to Youtube the world finally became a theater!

If you write in search THE BEST MAKEUP TUTORIAL EVER there will be a couple of tutorials that pop up, none of them containing any relevant information about makeup.

Most of the girls do makeup tutorials to be admired. They think they are admired for their skills and personality whereas in fact they are admired just for their beauty. That’s why you see so many channels named by people instead of imaginary names which would suggest that the content tries to help people.

It is not hard to make a beautiful woman even more beautiful with makeup. You can actually do a lot of mistakes that other faces wouldn’t take and she will still look pretty. Trust me, I did a makeup video with really bad makeup on a stunning girl and everyone was like… OMG!!?? She is beauuutttiiifffuuulll!!! Lol!

Beauty bloggers like Em Ford are pointing out how social media is building unrealistic expectations whereas in fact they are the ones who make them by using perfect lighting, production tricks and the right makeup for the camera.

Women say they are exposed to beauty like never before, how there is a big pressure on them to look beautiful…


They are the ones who choose to put pressure on themselves by following gorgeous girls on Youtube wishing they would look like them.

Grow up and start living your life instead of fantasizing about illusionably fabulous lives of others.

For all of you who really want to learn about makeup and not just admire the beauty of some dumb chick, here is my makeup tutorial.


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