Wondering how to apply EYELINER on Hooded, Droopy, Round and Downturned eyes?

My lovely sister Maja has very downturned, droopy eyes which are as well hooded and round. It is not easy to apply eyeliner on such eyes and if you don’t know why the line doesn’t look good on you, things can get really frustrating.

It is not your makeup skills as many might think. The challenge is in your eye shape which is not the best to pull off the cat eye flick.

Now don’t start crying like a baby wishing your eyes would be different, because there might be a solution for you.

Check the video to see what I mean…



So this is how you can be all pimped up for the party. I still don’t think this is the best look for your eye shape. But hey… Whatever floats your boats!!! Don’t forget that in the end it is just makeup.

For all of you who don’t want to struggle with the eyeliner I made a second video. This is part two of the makeup tutorial you have just seen, where I will explain how to visually lift downturned and hooded eyes with a black eye pencil and a dark eyeshadow.

Sit back, relax and wipe your tears, because here is the best makeup trick for your droopy eye shape.



4 thoughts on “Wondering how to apply EYELINER on Hooded, Droopy, Round and Downturned eyes?”

  1. Thank you for teaching all of these great techniques!I have been watching so many makeup tutorials on YouTube, yours are so much down to earth and really useful. I will tell my friends about you. Please keep do what you love to do.
    One suggestion, please have a link to all videos on your site. If I didn’t know that you have made over 100 videos, I would have not clicked these photos on the top page, since I wanted to see your videos and I was clicking around to find them. Currently it is hard to find videos on your web sit!. Also I suggest that you index and categorize them, this way different audience can find what they like, and you don’t need to worry about their ages, as younger people can watch videos for their age group, mature women can have their videos too, you don’t need to worry about loosing ones over others. There aren’t many videos by race, Asian don’t dislike make ups than whites!
    Please try to use as many key popular words used on YouTube when naming your videos, using the same can help your videos to show up at the top of the search engine. – you helped me and I am sending these kind suggestions to return your favor.

    Last suggestion, you probably don’t need to spend too much time writing about video you made as it must be time consuming for you, but not many people have time to read. Using myself as example, I love to watch than read, I am a reader but visual is more appealing to me when I want to know how to do makeup…

    Good luck



    1. Ciiiiaaaaoooo!!! Thank you for the love and all the suggestions. This website is more like a test for something and I am launching a new one in a month where I will cover everything you mentioned. 😉


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