Why is Facebook the best dating site or how to find love on Facebook?

I actually started hating Facebook. Every time I log in I see millions of selfies, pictures of food, kids and hundreds of stupid videos that draw my attention and waste my time. Therefore after kicking many people off my profile I decided to stop using it. I just don’t care what you had for breakfast, how your kids have grown and how you kiss your boyfriend. I don’t give a damn because I hardly know you. But I care for your achievements, I care if you show me something of a value even though we’ve met only once.

And that’s when it clicked! While I was muting notifications of people with useless content and unfriending people whose breakfast is none of my interest, I realized I can use Facebook for psychoanalysis and turn it into the best dating site ever.

If I can determine how stupid, boring or narcissistic people are just by seeing their posts, I can also tell how amazing you are. I was absolutely blown away by the idea therefore I started analyzing profiles of the girls I have on my Facebook. You won’t believe how easy it is to define people throughout their timeline.

First of all you have photos of the person, so you know if you are sexually attracted and second, there is her timeline. It is like going on a date! You scroll down and all you see are photos of her sexy ass accompanied with life quotes, maybe a few pictures of the food she ordered in a restaurant and new UGG boots. It’s easy to do a cross over her profile and put her in a »Not even for sex!« category, because she is too basic!

You don’t have time to deal with attention deficit disorder and low self-esteem issues therefore you move on to the next profile.

You see her kissing her boyfriend, plucking her boyfriend’s eyebrows, licking ice-cream with her boyfriend, wearing her boyfriend’s t-shirt with a quote »I am not jealous, but what’s mine is mine!« and a few selfies where her boobs stole the focus. You want to put her in the »Maybe later« category, but you don’t want your love to be measured in photos and you definitely don’t want a jealous chick!

This time you see her partying with her girlfriends, partying with her gay friends, even partying by herself. WTF!?

The next girl you see has a photo of her dog, lovely landscape when she went in mountains, 50 Shades of Grey in a special edition, food she cooked on a rainy day and lots of love quotes and quotes about self-sufficiency. You get the point and move on.

After scrolling through hundred profiles you see a different pattern. She graduated from college, she was partying with her friends, she bought a book about psychology, she baked a cake for her grandmother, there are loads of personalised birthday wishes on her timeline, she drew a picture of a cat riding a bicycle with a quote »Everything is possible!«, she went on a 10k charity run, she was dancing salsa, she gave a speech on the conference, she got promoted and she went in the theatre with her best friend. Two thirds of the posts are photos that were tagged by her friends (This is very important if you think about it!), the quote she wrote is her invention and she forgot to delete her ex-boyfriend’s photo because most probably they broke up after a rational decision.

Do you get it now?

Facebook is an open diary that tells you a lot about people! Forget Tinder, you are searching for a wife, not a prostitute. You can complain how people are more and more closed in their own despair, or you can do something about it.

I remember how easy it was to find love in old days. You sat next to a girl, after a minute you turned to her and asked: »Are you shy?« »No, why?« »Because I’ve been sitting here for a minute and you still haven’t said hi to me!« Bla, bla,bla…you got her number and took her out.

Now she will most probably say: »I can give you my Facebook.« There is nothing wrong with girls being fed up with weird guys and their pick up bullshit. In a world where there are more and more people who don’t know how to live even with themselves, it is a big risk to give your number to a random guy.

But the trick is that you still need to go out and meet people. You can’t just surf your Facebook! You still need to be social, only this time, add people on Facebook. From there you have plenty of topics to build the basic trust. Did she post a photo of a Winter Wonderland? Ask her how it was, because you are planning on going. She might be your tourist guide. Every normal girl needs a bit more time nowadays to get to know you and Facebook is a very safe place to do it. Play it well and you will have an amazing date!

I wrote this post from a men’s perspective, but it is easy to convert the information if you are a girl. It happened to me that the girl asked me about something I am doing, bla, bla, bla, we were dating. Was she hitting on me? I don’t know, because I started hitting on her. It was just an innocent question that led into a relationship.

And one more thing…

Don’t be too freaking picky when it comes to love, because we are not that cool as we think. Give people a chance to show you the world you never explored!




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