why is it hard to find a partner

Why is finding a LIFE PARTNER so hard?

This will be a series of posts that will complete my acknowledgements.

I decided to write this post because wherever I look there are women complaining they can’t find a partner and men are saying the same. I studied economics so if I put it in the scientific terms this means that there is a high supply and a high demand, therefore the market should be flourishing and satisfying the needs of both sexes. I also decided to write this article because there are a lot of friends asking me for a relationship advice as I am very opened and straight to the point. I will mainly concentrate on the behaviour of women because I am a straight guy with a lot of male friends who feel totally the same as I do.

I have never had such trouble finding a serious girlfriend as I have now since I moved to England where the western culture took its psychological problems to the maximum. To begin with I would like you to know that according to the Evening Standard 7% of the British population is on antidepressants.

Now let me tell you why I struggle based on the stories that happened to me and my male friends. I am working as an Account Manager in one of the most known department stores in the world. There was this girl on the other counter which totally grabbed my attention and when I spoke to her a few times I felt like I have never met such an amazing soul mate. I haven’t showed her my affection as I first wanted to get to know her better, but my attempts to take her for a lunch (A lunch, not a date!) were always rejected. So I gave up thinking that she just doesn’t like my personality. One day I was eating a sandwich in the locker room while she walked in. »Hey, what’s up? «: I asked. »Hey cheeky, how are you? «: she replied. »Whoa, whoa, whoa! Did you just call me cheeky? So I asked her why am I cheeky and she said that she sees me flirting with all the girls in the department store.

First of all I work in makeup so it is quite normal that I am surrounded by girls and second, I am a very bubbly and chatty lad that talks to everyone! I absolutely love people and I adore meeting new friends because I think people are just awesome. But I was shocked by the fact that she sees me as a cheeky guy. So I went to ask girls that I know better if they also have a perception of me as being a player and they all said yes including my ex. Lol.

Now I don’t under any circumstances perceive myself as a guy that would be something special when it comes to women and I would put myself more in a shy category than in the player one. So I was thinking how come this is happening to me and I realized that women perceive my comfort in communication as an incredibly high level of self-confidence which goes over the top. I am actually so comfortable talking to people who I don’t know that my openness usually scares the shit out of them. Just for the record, I come from an eastern country so I am not good with this closed western world bullshit. I also give people a lot of compliments. It doesn’t matter guys or girls, when I see something amazing in people I say it straight away as I find it fascinating.

Now let me give you an advice. The fact that the guy gives you a compliment on your haircut or your way of expressing yourself doesn’t mean that he is interested in you. Who the hell do you think you are that you think a guy is hitting on you just because of a little thing he noticed while having a conversation with you!? He doesn’t even know you, he might be afraid you are the same psycho as his ex girlfriend and you haven’t even showed him your value. The only thing you might have shown him is a glimpse of your personality and your looks. This is mostly the case of beautiful women as they think that the most innocent conversation will lead into a seduction because they get hit by assholes all the time.

Have you ever thought that we are not teenagers anymore and I don’t give a shit about your looks because I will get bored of them in two years anyway and after ten they will start fading faster than ever? I care about your personality and what just came out of your mouth, ruined it all.

What the hell is wrong with this western civilization!? What makes you think that because you are good looking we actually want to date you? Did it ever pop into your mind that the guy who is talking to you finds you attractive, but he is not thinking of dating you until you show him your value. Did you ever think that guys are also searching for someone who is loving, caring and has a big drive? No, seriously… Who for god’s sake do you think you are that you perceive each innocent conversation as flirting?

You are complaining how hard it is to find a normal guy and you just blew your chances by forgetting that normal guys want the same normal thing as you! We also need to go on a few dates, get to know you and do loads of things with you in order to decide if we really want to spend time with you.

Just trust me! Guys who are looking for a serious relationship are tired of beautiful women because beauty usually kills a wholehearted personality considering the thesis that beautiful people don’t need to struggle much in life. Say whatever you like, but I work in the beauty industry and I meet hundreds of gorgeous women every year having such a boring personality that they couldn’t date even their toilet paper as it would get fed up with their crap. Not to mention that it is usually beautiful girls who are so full of psychological problems that they can’t even live with themselves. My nose is too big, my legs are too short, my boobs are too small are in 95% of the cases words that come out of beautiful girls.

I give up! I just want a normal girl and not some psycho chick that will check my phone and log into my Facebook because the only thing she has to offer is her beauty.


6 thoughts on “Why is finding a LIFE PARTNER so hard?”

  1. i hate women who flirt with married or taken guys who just complimented on their new haircut or something with the physical appearance. or when men smiled at them they think that men already have this special thing on them.

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    1. I heard that before and it also happens to me. 🙂 Whenever I was in a serious relationship, there were far more women flirting with me. Strange, isn’t it!? 🙂 Guess forbidden fruits are always sweeter. 🙂


      1. Hhheeeeyyy!!! Am really bad with this blogging, because I just lack time. There are so many things I like to do. 🙂 But I am still solving the mistery. 🙂 Happy New Year to you too and loking forward to reading your blog. 🙂


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