Can makeup make you happy

Makeup should enhance your features and not hide your face!

Now that I moved to London I see how different people perceive women’s beauty, especially how women perceive their own beauty! What shocked me is that more and more girls started to use makeup as a mask which hides who they are. Therefore the most sold foundation in the entire world is Double Wear from Estee Lauder which is one of the thickest foundations you can buy. Makeup nowadays looks more like body painting with fake eyelashes and strong contouring.

Women are amazed by transformations they see on the internet and they are following these kinds of Youtube Channels more than they follow education channels like for example TEDx!?

What happened to the work of incredible makeup artists like Kevin Aucoin?

Why do women want to look like someone else and not like the best versions of themselves? I see so many women wearing so much scaffolding on their faces that they could paint an entire house with it.

I am a makeup artist and I love to learn about beauty! I also enjoy doing intense makeup and change faces but I only use it for special occasions when women want to look different, when women want to use makeup as a game that allows them to play. But in general I try to do makeup that flatters women’s features and makes them shine throughout the day.

I am guilty! I love to play with women’s faces but I never teach them how to be someone else! The reason why is because

No makeup can make an unhappy woman happy

You cannot build your self-esteem by hiding yourself behind the mask. You can only build it by revealing your true self, take the punches and stand up on your feet because you know what you are worth!

Here is the video I made after realizing women want to look like someone else. For my inspiration I took Kate Bosworth’s makeup from InStyle magazine and modified it so it suits Lea Cok ‘s face. The video is a bit over exposed but hey, now I do it far better!

Maybe I wasn’t clear enough with the message in the video therefore I want you to know that you are beautiful just the way you are and you should be happy that the miracle gave you your life! Don’t compare yourself to others because if you do everything that is in your hands to make your life better, you made yourself one amazing human being!!!


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