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How did Youtube Makeup Tutorials kill Individuality?

I started doing makeup video tutorials two years ago. I absolutely adore my work and I have never been happier. Now that I have recorded 100 videos I got the insights to what women are looking for on the Internet in terms of beauty. I have a huge pile of statistical data that made me realise how wrong the world is.

Doing makeup video tutorials with models is serious work. It takes 8 hours to record two videos and twice as much for editing and posting on social media. Not to mention that I need to find a girl also! My makeup channel is all about helping women to realize how makeup functions in real life without Photoshop. But what makes me sad is that not many women care about real life makeup.

Girls rather watch gorgeous women applying makeup on themselves without understanding that they will never be able to look like them because they don’t have similar features. There are millions of girls following Youtube channels that are teaching them how to apply makeup they will never be able to recreate because they don’t have almond shaped eyes or high arched eyebrows. And they don’t even realize that they can’t do it because of their natural characteristics!? They think the reason why they don’t look like the girl on the video is their lack of makeup knowledge!?

I found makeup channels where girls apply makeup on themselves with very poor video quality, no sound and editing and they are still having more than 100.000 subscribers just because they are incredibly stunning!?

Therefore I decided to copy makeup celebrities are wearing on girls who don’t have the same eye shape or same face shape. I want to help women to understand that they are individual human beings and that they are beautiful just the way they are!!! Here is my first video from this series:

And you know what? Do you know which of my videos are performing best? Makeup tutorials that have gorgeous girls! This is quite logical and I am guilty of getting views like this also but I find it ridiculous that the most common comment on my best performing videos is:

» OMG!? She is sooooooo beautiful!!! »

Who cares if the girl is beautiful? Why don’t women rather care how to accentuate their features instead of dreaming about being someone else!? I think people are less and less satisfied with who they are and the Internet is a drug that lets them fantasize about being who they are not.

We will never be happy if we won’t accept who we are so we must stop dreaming and start doing something for our souls! The more we makeup our souls the happier we will be!!!

When I asked my mother who she would like to be if she could be anyone, you know what she said?

“I would be myself!”


2 thoughts on “How did Youtube Makeup Tutorials kill Individuality?”

  1. i understand how you feel but i personaly dont care of how the” beauty guru” do her makeup what i really want and my case is to see if the product she use is good or not and how much is cost im sure if you just show us some product and just talk about it and show it on different skin tone that could help alot of women and being able to make good choice …;3

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    1. Heeeeeyyyyy!!! I never thought to do reviews of the products. But now that you’ve mentioned it I think it is a great idea because I really have a vast knowledge in chemistry and related sciences. Therefore I think I can do a great job! 🙂 Thank you, thank you, thank you for the constructive comment. 🙂


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