Why are we afraid of freedom - Life Wisdom

Is freedom scary?

We all want to be free! We don’t want to obey rules and we always want to do things we are passionate about. But life wouldn’t be life if it was that easy. Therefore our need for freedom can be affected by million things. We might feel captured because we don’t like our job, because we don’t like our relationship or even because we are captured in our own thoughts. But we can always change that. We can leave our partner, we can change our job or we can change our mind set and free our souls, though I never thought that being free takes guts. I never thought that being free can actually scare us. We all want to be free, but just to a certain extent. So for example, we finally escaped a destructive relationship, but now we are alone and to be alone and satisfied with yourself can be terrifying. We start to wonder when will we be loved again and when will we find a happy relationship.

Freedom takes courage because you will realize that you are alone in this world. We love freedom and we love safety so our freedom is determined on how good we are in compromising. This is how freedom becomes a paradox between safety and flying with the wind. Some people are more drawn to safety and some people like flying with birds. Freedom means adapting to change and if you have a strong need for safety think twice how free you actually want to be. Some people hate change whereas I thing change should be the only constant thing in our lives. The better we are with dealing with change the happier we can be. The world is not safe and making changes hurts but this is the only way to understand life. When I look at people in my country I see them living in a comfortable bubble not having a slightest clue what is on the other side. This is o.k. Some people dye happily in their own bubble. But not me!

My bubbles pop like sop balloons. I love pushing myself into the unknown because I always wonder what is on the other side. When my balloon pops lots of times it hurts like hell, but after a while I start to see the world totally differently. I am afraid because the more I pop my balloons, the more different I become comparing to people I know and this is why I am surprised. I think people just don’t understand freedom. For me freedom equals love for everything and everyone and there are not many people who would understand that we are all one. Therefore I am free but at the same time I am lost because if I am not careful some people might perceive me like a feather that goes with the wind.

Maybe I complicated this post too much. The only thing I wanted to tell you is that freedom takes strength and I call this strength the power of living. Be free! Be whoever you want to be and just do it!

Today I am thankful for:

Spending an amazing time with Anellia from Kazahstan who explored new parts of London with me! We ate Sushi in Hyde Park which is totally unforgettable!

Getting planty of models for my new makeup video tutorials.

Understanding what actions to take to improve my life.

Improving my makeup skills.

Realizing that one day is a seriously long time if you live the moment!


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