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The POWER of mind

In this post I will be writing about the structure of my “car’s” motor so you should read the previous post to know what am I talking about. The human motor pulls us forward in life and it consists of four things: power, love or belonging, freedom and entertainment. Power exists in various shapes. You can be in need of power gained by money, power to control people, power of helping the world, power of motivating people etc. I realized I gain power by helping people. If I can make one woman happier by showing her how she should take care of her skin or if I help a friend in need, for me that is power. I am also in need of a power gained by managing people because I feel I can make a change like this. I am not so satisfied with the power I have at the moment because it is too small. I am not so modest to be honest so fourty followers are not much. Kidding… I am doing it for my soul anyway. But I don’t feel like I have enough followers on Youtube because that was serious work. I still hope step by step I will be there. In my case I actually need power because it brings money for a better living. My salary at the moment is bad therefore I would like to be promoted at work to be able to do more things I love doing in my free time and at work.

The problem is that the more down I feel the less power I crave for and it actually turns just into power gained by helping people. The more sad I am and dissatisfied with my life, the more I feel I need to hug someone and tell them everything is going to be o.k. Isn’t that interesting!? I can’t even help myself and the more I feel like this, the more I would like to help others. Maybe this is why people in poor countries are far more friendly, happy and prepared to help others in need even though they have almost nothing. My need for power changed so much. I always wanted to be the best, I always wanted to do big things but now I just need the power to survive. I need the power to pull myself out of bed, go to work and try to make the best out of it. Funny how I need strength to survive more then I need power to make a change. I was excited to talk in front of 1200 people, I was excited to run my seminars, but now even a meeting with my manager scares me. I am constantly thinking what if I won’t be able to do it whereas before this was never a question. But anyway… For now I am gaining power by helping women with makeup so I should stick to it because at least I have something. So let’s say power I have. I have the power to survive and for now this is enough.

But I totally forgot about other shapes of power. I have an amazing power of smile. I smile all the time and it is contagious. People love to be around happy people so I’ll just smile all the time, even though sometimes I don’t feel like it. I have the power of combining colours, I have the power of amazing makeup application, I have the power of creative thinking. There are so many different shapes of power that we have and we never think of them. I know people that have a power of changing your mind, power of a sincere hug, power of knowledge!

Just think about your POWER! There is definitely something that you have and you can give to others. That is a true power. Maybe you cook good, so cook for someone. Maybe you are good in drawing, so draw something nice for someone. Do you get it? We all have SUPERPOWERS!!!

Oh… And I mustn’t forget! Today I am thankful for:

Learning how to write event reports so our supervisors can understand our progress.

Giving advice to my flatmate because he felt better after speaking to me.

Realizing that if I write on the tube the time passes far faster than if I read.

Having the opportunity to enjoy the sun.

Feeling amazing in the evening. I don’t know how I did it but for two hours it seemed like my life is perfect and everything made sense. I hope to have more of that because it is the most amazing feeling ever!!!


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