Living life step by step - Life Wisdom

How to start living your life step by step

God definitely has a sense of humour. Today I kicked my sheets in the air at 6:30, determined I’ll go to the gym. I decided to change my gym and go to the one across the hill because it is beautiful and it will make my sweating more enjoyable and the gym I was going to was full of older people. Not that I don’t like older people, but I love to see sexy young girls also. So I walked through the hill watching this motivational video being certain I will kill my legs today.

So I got to the gym and the guy was like “Sorry, but we cannot subscribe you because the sales team is not in today.” Lol! I was standing there with my mouth opened because without a subscription you can’t enter and no way was I prepared to pay 12 pounds. So I ended up jumping on the hoop rope in the park. My motivation was a bit lost but I pulled myself together and made the best out of the situation. I needed to go to work, went on the bus station and when the bus arrived I realized, I forgot my monthly pass. I went home, took it and went back, waited for the new bus, jumped on and saw that I forgot to renew it. I didn’t want to pay 2, 5 pounds so I walked to the tube instead. Isn’t that funny!? But you know what? My motivation still didn’t drop too low. Now I am going to work to show everyone my new plan and how we’ll start kicking the sales into the sky. I came up with an amazing plan to boost sales by helping women.

Anyway… I just jumped of the train because I forgot which one I took and when I saw the stop, I thought I need to change. Looks like I really enjoy writing because when I write I don’t know what is going on. It is so nice that I am early because I decided to enjoy little moments; therefore I will sit in a cafe and order a green tea. I will sip it like it is the last tea on the planet and then I will go and do my job like it is the best job I ever had. Of course there are a lot of aspects I don’t like but this is what I have now and I should be thankful. If I can make one woman happier today by showing her a few makeup tricks, it will be enough! I know I can’t have it all so I’ll just take what belongs to me step by step.


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