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Young and Stupid

I heard that the older you get the more memories you can recall from your youth. I just can’t believe that is true, so I decided to dedicate a big part of my blog to my memories. I want to have something to show to my kids. I will actually need to lock a few posts and show them to kids when they grow up. One of the posts that will need to be locked is this one. When I was eleven years old my friends and I decided to create a Fire Club of BS3. BS3 was a name of our neighbourhood and The Fire Club had five members. Each Friday each of us gave money for a litre of gas. This is how we were able to buy five litres and went burning everything we found interesting. We went on an old construction yard and started pouring gas on stuff we liked to see burning. Once my friend jumped on a plastic bottle of a burning gas and it splashed all over him. Suddenly his legs were on fire and all four of us had quite some trouble putting the fire off. We loved playing with fire. We bought a big box of matches and wondered what happens if we throw a burning match in a whole box. We were looking in it from above and what happened was that we were all missing eyebrows, eyelashes and a lot of hair.

I remember driving with my mum when she looked at me with a scared face and said do you really need to do that? Poor mother, her kid always missing a few hairs on his head, but for us it wasn’t enough. We downloaded an anarchy cook book where we got recipes to make bombs and things. Now the game got a bit more dangerous. We opened a tennis ball, filled it with caps of matches and put layers of scratch paper in it. We wrapped it in loads of duck tape and went down the block to throw it in the wall. We thought it needs to be thrown really hard into something so we were passing the ball to each other walking down the stairs. The ball fell down and just before my friend wanted to lift it; it exploded so hard that we all had trouble hearing the next day. That was the time when we realised we need to be a bit more careful because someone can get hurt. But it didn’t stop us.
Once when my friend was staying over, we did a Molotov cocktail and threw it from the fourth floor on to the parking lot down the block. It was quite empty so we didn’t burn a car but we decided to make it stronger so we made another one with kerosene I used for my RC planes. This time the room was lit by fire under the building. Thank god we didn’t burn a car and I wonder how come police and firemen didn’t arrive because fire on the parking lot was huge. My mother burst into the room and started screaming she thought she saw a lightning strike but then she realised it was us. My friend was packed in the car and I haven’t seen him for ages.

I think now days kids just don’t think of such stupid things anymore because they rather watch free porn on the internet.
I find it really interesting how the world changed. Kids now days live their lives on Facebook and Instagram. Got a new girlfriend? Put it on Instagram so your ex will be jealous and your friends will feel bad because they are not that lucky. How much pain is caused just because we are constantly seeing life that in reality doesn’t exist? I think it is time to go enjoy the moment and not try to impress others by what you have. Memories stay in heads and not on photos. I didn’t care much about the photos my grandfather was showing me, I cared about the stories he told me, stories that are still deep in my memory. Therefore live the moment and forget about showing the world how happy you are on social media because there are a lot of others who aren’t so lucky at the moment and bragging about your happiness isn’t going to help them. Instead of posting how happy you are, maybe it is time to ask your friends how they are. Call them and see what’s up. It is friendships that matter, not photos because if you don’t have true friends to share your photos with and talk about memories, where is the point?


2 thoughts on “Young and Stupid”

  1. Jure, you have to see this video. It captures exactly what you wrote at the end of this post. By the way, it is my first day on your blog. And, I have to say, you are so eloquent. You express yourself so well. That is what makes a writer a GOOD writer.


    1. Hhhhiiiiii Jacinda! Sorry for the late reply. Totally forgot about my blog as I had so many things to do. Now I know what I want and how I want it so I will be more consistent with my posts. Thank you for the great link you shared with me! Because of it I got an IDEA how to connect my Youtube videos with my thoughts. 🙂 Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! 🙂


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