Why not to criticize - Life Wisdom

Don’t criticize

Sometimes I just don’t understand people. Imagine you see a chubby girl and you fall into a conversation with her. After a while you say to her how fat she is and that she looks like a fruit cake. Sounds horrible right? But now imagine that you are skinny and you start talking to a colleague of yours. The second thing he tells you is how skinny you are, that you should eat more because your legs are like two sticks. WTF!?

I am not supposed to tell fat people how huge they are and give them a lesson about diet but people can tell me how skinny I am and give me a lesson on how to get fat.

Do you even know how hard it is for some people to gain weight? So stop telling them how skinny they look because you are affecting their self-esteem.

Why are so many people commenting visual appearance of others? Is it because they lack self esteem so it makes them feel better or are they just not emotionally mature enough?

Why would you even comment looks of someone? Have you ever thought how many people think your new Lobutin shoes look weird on you?

Now for all of you too skinny, too fat, too tall, too small, too black, too white, too round faced and too thin haired people out there, let me tell you one thing. There is no such thing as too big heart so don’t give a f*** what others think of you.


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