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Why we need to communicate?

The main thing I hate about London is driving with the tube when it is full. When I start an early shift it is so busy that sometimes I need to wait for three trains until I am able to squeeze in. Sometimes I get quite claustrophobic and I feel like I am lacking air. The last day one lady actually fell down because she felt she can’t breathe.

But the tube in the afternoon can sometimes be quite fun. It gets a whole new perspective. I easily find a seat and start thinking. I love to watch and observe people. It is funny how most of them look board and unhappy. Though I don’t think they are. Maybe they just look like this. Maybe they are waiting for the travel to pass so they can go to their happy lives.

Wouldn’t it be fun if you could meet all these people and listen to their stories? I love talking and lots of times I start a conversation but people don’t look keen on having one with me. I find it weird because each one of us has so many nice and interesting things to say.

OMG!? You won’t believe what just happened. A lady next to me asked me if I am a blogger. I am like nooo, I am a makeup artist but I just love to write down my thoughts because it makes me focus. And she is like I was peeking at your mobile and I love to talk also, so just contact me. She gave me her card and she is amaaaziiiinnng! Look how gorgeous cakes she makes. 🙂

You see, this is how people should mingle. Don’t be in your own bubble afraid of what others think of you. You are a wonderful person and you have great things to share with the world. Don’t think how to impress others but think what you can give them. It is all about knowing many people because this is how you can learn about life, love and this is how one day you will succeed.

It is so weird how talkative people are on Facebook or messages, but when you meet them, it feels like you are talking to another person. People feel safe behind their computers because they can control what they are going to say. I just don’t care! Sometimes I say too much and other times I say something weird but in the end people usually start to like me.

In London you really need to be careful how you approach people because they are a bit pulled back, but when they start to feel comfortable in your presence they become very chatty.

When I am talking to girls lots of times they just give me their numbers without me asking them and I am like… WTF? I just wanted to meet you; I don’t want your number because I don’t even know you. Why do women in this country think if a guy talks to them, he wants their number? People still need to make a certain impression on me so in the future I would be prepared to take our relationship to the next level. I know what I said about impressing people, so don’t worry about it, it is usually the energy that makes the connection and not the conversation. Lots of times the conversation is interesting and great but if there is no energy in the air, it just stays there.

With guys is different. They usually think I am gay. Well… Most of the people think I am gay anyway because I work in makeup and I am cute and friendly I guess. All these misunderstandings arise just because people are not used to talking to each other. Look at older people. Have you ever noticed how they always talk to each other even though they have never met before? You won’t believe how nice they are and they know a lot about life. They are the life’s treasury for amazing stories. I love it when I get an older lady on my chair and I apply makeup on her. Stories they tell me are just incredible and it is so cool when you see how happy they are. Older ladies usually don’t see well and they struggle to apply makeup so when I make them look younger, they are in 7th heaven. I actually get lot’s of beautiful ladies on the counter who were models before and you see it in their eyes how sparkly they were when younger and sexy. Isn’t it funny how you can see how sexy the lady was when younger just by looking at her sparkly eyes? Lol… No worries… I don’t do GILFS.

Anyway, the point is that you shouldn’t be afraid to talk to people. Everyone wants to be recognized, everyone wants to be appreciated, and everyone loves to be admired. So start by admiring people, asking them about their lives and give them sincere compliments. Don’t just stare at your mobile thinking how weird you can look. Start talking… Who cares… Start by mentioning how wonderful the day is. If people respond, start a conversation and if they don’t they will only remember you as a happy person from the station that talks to itself. Don’t give a damn what people think of you and be friendly. Just stop being so f****** cool and show some love!


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