Why not to give up - Life Wisdom

Don’t give up

We call our house in London a house of love. This is because we offer a place to stay for our friends that are struggling to escape their current situation in bankrupted countries and start a new life in London. People arrive with so much enthusiasm that it lifts a whole house. They start searching for a job and spend weeks applying for positions. But then in most cases they start losing smile on their faces. Most of the people can’t handle so much rejection and not all of them are born under a lucky star. Therefore I will give you an advice.

I see people that will succeed straight away. It is the ones that have the most positive attitude in life, people who know how to stand up when they fall because they have fallen so many times. You won’t believe how I CAN DO IT attitude changes your life and I don’t mean I can do it attitude that lasts for a week, but I can do it attitude that lasts even if the world falls apart. I am amazed to see how much positive energy and wisdom some people carry in them. I also discovered that this kind of an attitude isn’t born in one day but it is a process of life. It is something that is within people since their childhood. This is a desire for constant change, pushing yourself over the limits and not being afraid of life. This is a power to live your life on your own no matter what.

I also noticed that some people develop this attitude after certain shocking moments in their life which wakes them up so they start taking chances. In a way I admire these people even more because they went through more pain than anyone else and we should all congratulate them. Life in general is a struggle. Most of the time things go wrong and just sometimes they are right. This is why you need to love the road and not the destination. Imagine how boring life would be if everything would be just right, if you wouldn’t need to fix a broken shower or find a new job but instead you would be lying on the beach with loads of money in your pocket. Imagine that Edison would stop experimenting in his 1700th try. We wouldn’t have a light bulb!!!

But most of the people block when they are just one more try away from their success. I know plenty of stories when this happened. This means you mustn’t give up! Do you know how many people are on this world that are struggling far more than you will ever need to!? If it takes ten years for you to succeed it takes ten years. But in the end you will be far happier than the ones that didn’t need to struggle. It will make you an emotionally intelligent person and your heart will be soaked with love. I see many people that are born under a lucky star but when troubles come they freeze. They can’t handle tough situations and their lives are crashed. So… Would you rather be born under a lucky star or laugh at your problems with a smile on your face when you are old? Just don’t give up! Giving up is for losers!


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