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Two kinds of happiness

I was thinking a lot about happiness in the last month and I discovered there are two kinds of it. First one is just to feel good. You feel good when you are lying on the sun carless because you did everything you needed; you can feel happy just because you don’t need to do anything. But for me the most important is the other happiness. I call it a holistic happiness when you are in a harmony with your life, universe and everything. This one is really hard to find because you can be unsatisfied with your job, your love situation, your apartment, etc. But these are all outer factors meaning you connect your happiness to elements that sometimes are not in your control at the current moment. Therefore I came up with a conclusion that makes sense. First thing that should make us happy is to be on this world because it is a gift. We should be thankful we have a chance to experience this wonderful opportunity.

O.k. then… Your job sucks, but you still have so many hours to do things you love doing. There are so many things in this world you can try. I actually don’t have time to do everything I want. I want to play a guitar, draw, make video tutorials, cook, design clothes, meet new people, travel, read books, go to boxing, go to the gym… But on a long term I can do all of it. We forget how long life is. We want to do everything in a sudden. We want to have a perfect partner, a perfect job, gorgeous apartment, but we forget how much effort we need to put to achieve our goals. People rather sit watching TV or cuddle with their love letting the day pass. And here is the trick. You can’t be happy by doing nothing just enjoying the fruits of life. Happiness always takes effort, effort that makes you satisfied with who you are. But you can only be happy with yourself if you have many failures and achievements in your life which definitely take time. Therefore happiness is a whole life process that is built on effort and sweat. But there is also an easier way.

We can be happy by being the love itself. We should love everything and everyone. I see so many people trying to be cool, to be pretty and to be appreciated. Instead you should focus your energy to give love. It doesn’t help you if you are the most gorgeous guy on the planet if you are an idiot that doesn’t know how to enjoy life by struggling to be better in everything you are doing every day. I find it sad how many people that spread love have trouble finding true friends. But now I get it. The world is so full of people that live for their image so the ones that are full of love are in a minority. Don’t let this stand in your way. It is better to have one true friend than lots of acquaintances. Just be love itself and you will attract people in your life that will help make it perfect. Be happy with what you have and don’t just dream about things. Do them, do them now!


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