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Live your life

Yesterday my amazing friend Michalis told me what he was thinking. He said he would love to see people living their life like they show it on social media at least one day in a year. This reminded me how deceived we are with an idea of ideal life. I find it interesting how many people write me they envy my situation. How come no one thinks about how I miss my family, my friends, beautiful mountains where I love to go, cuteness of my hometown’s city centre and warmth of the people.

I think most of us have reached a moment when we didn’t want to be responsible for our lives because we still wanted to be like teenagers enjoying fruits of our youth. But these days are over!!! I also find it interesting that people perceive a young person going to work in a foreign country like an Erasmus student who goes for a year of parties and good time and not like someone who is struggling.

I don’t want you to see my writing as complaining and crying about my situation because I love my life, I love being in this world and I can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring me, because I am finally on the right path to happiness. I just want to say that it is not always like it looks.

People are obsessed with showing others how happy they are even though they don’t have a slightest idea of what happiness really is because they connect it to outer elements and not their inner self. When I post photos on Instagram my perception of how things are is totally different then the perception my fans create. None of the fans actually noticed how hard it was to get a lovely girl in front of the camera and make a few nice shots.

Ofcourse I enjoy doing it but there are still parts that I dislike. First I need to meet a girl, then I need to take her out twice so she gets comfortable with me and doesn’t think I’ll be making a porn video which actually happened once. Aside of that I don’t know many of my fans noticed that I have a regular job for which including logistics I need 11h five times per week, I go to the gym, do the grocery shopping, cook and I wash my own laundry.  After I somehow manage to put my makeup ideas on the paper, I need to organize a shooting so I and the girl have the same day off, I usually need to put three really big and heavy bags on my shoulders, go on the crowded tube and change two trains.

Twice I went off the train and I needed to carry the bags all the way up into the girl’s apartment which was on the top floor of the building.  Ofcourse I didn’t show my fans how sweaty I was by carrying all the equipment because I wanted to show them how fabulous everything was.

Something is life and something is an illusion. Even though we understand the difference, our subconscious always tricks us. This means that even if I would post a photo of me all sweaty it would actually make people laugh because I would look cute in a way. So…

Today I want you all to live your life like you show it on Facebook. Good luck! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Live your life”

  1. I am sorry you have to go through such hard times just to shoot a video (I am assuming it’s for your makeup tutorials. I love all your tutorials. And I appreciate you sharing your wonderful ideas with us, ladies. Thank you!


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