Why are some so bitchy - Life Wisdom

Love Revelations

After an amazing Christmas evening when I felt like home with a person full of love and compassion, I had two revelations. First one was that I realised it is no use to be angry on anyone. We all make mistakes in life and each story has two sides. I think the only way of achieving true happiness is to work on yourself and let yourself be the judge of your true value being thankful for everything people you shared your life with gave you. After all it is usually relationships that make you grow up.

Here is my second revelation. I spoke with my future family member about women and how bitchy sometimes they can be. We broke up with few girls in our lives and with almost each one the same thing happened. He said he lots of times had a girl he tried to pass some wisdom on or to convince her into doing something as for example kite surfing. I had girls I was trying to show them how to be fearless, how to dance and just live the moment. I tried to make them read books and do something useful in their lives as for example to learn Spanish if they loved it. The funny thing is that girls didn’t want to do it. No matter how hard we tried and what approaches we took they just didn’t do it. But when we finally left them, their Facebook and Instagram were full of photos of them reading books, kite surfing, painting, enjoying life like never before. I talked with my female friends and they said this is the way girls want to show men what a mistake they did by leaving them. How cool they actually are totally surprised how we haven’t noticed that before. How could we notice that if it didn’t exist!? It is lovely to see people growing each on their own. But you know what I think? If you don’t do it FOR your partner out of TRUE love when you have a chance, then everything else fades. So girls… Stop trying so hard showing how cool you are now. You had your chance! And vice versa!!! I know a lot of guys that are totally the same! The only thing we men are sorry about is that by doing this you destroyed a beautiful idea of a new love story with you that might happen somewhere in the future. I think it is better to leave the doors open than closing them forever. Kisses to all and I can’t wait to be with you in another post.


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