Christmas gone wrong - Life Wisdom

Is this Christmas?!

It is almost Christmas. Everyone is running around trying to do everything they think they need to. When I ask people I serve on our counter: “How’s your Christmas shopping?” thinking about all the big bags they carry, their usual answer is: “Oh, it is awful!” When I ask them why they say it is very stressful to buy gifts for everyone.

I don’t understand how buying gifts for people you love can in any way be stressful. When I do it I do it with love. I take my time choosing what to buy. Usually I already know because I know what my beloved ones like. And anyway there are not many people I buy gifts for because I buy them only for the people I truly love. There are some people for whom I am sort of obliged to buy gifts because of certain expectations of society, but I actually don’t care. I don’t have that much time in my life. I find Christmas period so stressful not because of all the things I need to do but because people go crazy and I cannot have quality time with them. Going for a coffee during Christmas looks like a battle plan.

I find it strange because Christmas should be a time when you can be with people you love and not rush from place to place just because you feel obliged to. There are also many people that arrive to me on the counter with a list of things they need to buy. Some are searching for a lipstick we don’t have in stock. The problem is because they were ordered that lipstick for Christmas.

I thought Christmas is about a surprise, an excitement of opening an unknown present. Where is all the fun when you are opening a gift you already know what is inside? I think next year it will be better if we think about the ones we love through a whole year and maybe buy Christmas presents already in autumn so we can have Christmas for us and our true friends.


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